New Product: PER SE aperitivo

Portugal’s PER SE is a modern aperitif (or aperitivo in Portuguese) with a 14.5% abv and made from a blend of 24 botanicals with notes of cardamom, orange, Jamaican pepper and Portuguese hops delivering a

Trick or Treat? Drinks for Halloween

Alcoholic beverages continue to engage with the Halloween celebrations through limited editions and brand activations leading up to 31st October every year. This should come as no real surprise, given the growth of consumer spending

The 1st Global Map of Alcohol Free Venues

Zero Proof Nation, an online platform specialising in non-alcoholic culture, recently launched a virtual global map of 250+ entirely alcohol-free establishments. The map lets users plan domestic and international travel catering to this niche and visualize

What is Grappa?

Grappa is a spirit made by distilling fermented grape pomace which is distilled either directly using water vapour or by adding water and possibly adding wine lees in defined proportions. This is the definition as