The number of subscription services continue to grow and it should be no different for our favourite tipple, whether you have a preference for gin, whisky or anything else. Here on this blog post is a list of some of the top Gin Subscription services that I have come across, from very large clubs to niche and small offerings. I will continue to add and update the list so if you come across any new ones, please send it my way.

Gin Botanicals

One question I am frequently being asked is which subscription club I would recommend, and which are the best ones to be given as a gift or to buy for oneself. As you can imagine, this is not the most straight forward question as it really depends on what you are looking for – is it variety, or exclusive gins, perhaps it depends on price, or the additional offerings included in the box? Only you can decide! Plenty of examples below and potential ideas for Gin Subscription Clubs…

The Secret Garden Gin Club (price from £25 per month – UK only)

If you are looking for something unique and limited, this may be the one for you as The Secret Garden Gin Club members receive a 20cl gin bottle created especially for Club members and not available anywhere else – as well as the perfect mixer and a freshly-picked garnish. Discounts and invites to special events are also available for members.

Each monthly gin has a unique, seasonal twist, such as a Red Red Rose for Valentine’s Day and a festive, Christmas Spice for December. All of the herbs and botanicals within the gins are grown, hand-picked, dried and infused by the team at the Secret Herb Garden where the Secret Garden Distillery is located. They are all 100% natural; free of chemicals, sugars and flavour compounds.

Think Gin Club (price from £40 per month – UK and Republic of Ireland)

Each month, members receive a full size bottle of gin, showcasing artisan gins especially selected by the club along with tasting notes, cocktail recipes and complimentary gifts such as mixers, snacks and a copy of High Spirits magazine. Their first gin box starts with a free giant gin glass, followed by an array of cocktail mixology tools.

ILoveGin Club (price from £14 per month – UK only)

Gin & Tonics every month, delivered to your door including 2x gins and 2x tonics or mixers. Get full bottles of your favourites with exclusive discounts and competitions for all members of the I Love Gin club. The idea of the subscription is that you can get a sample of interesting gins and tonics delivered to your door every month – with new, fresh and exciting flavours to enjoy each time. You may want a one-off order or even send a gin subscription gift to a family member or friend for 3, 6 or 12 months.

The Friday Night Gin Club (price from £15 for miniatures and £30 for full bottle – UK only)

Choose to receive either a full bottle of small batch craft gin each month or a collection of four miniature craft gins, along with exclusive discounts. Members are invited to join the monthly Live Tasting parties, linking up with other gin enthusiasts. This club has no added frills such as garnishes or mixers, and the focus is mainly on selecting gins not available on supermarket shelves for members to experience something new.

interGIN Club (price from £40 – UK only)

interGIN offers a selection of goodies in its gin subscription boxes, including a full sized bottle of a small craft gin, a miniature 5cl gin, tonics, garnishes, tasty nibbles and gin-related surprise goodies such as a free copy of Gin magazine with your first box. These boxes are created with the help of the company’s own expert Ginsarian, who taste tests all the gins on offer.

Lucy White Heather Gin Club (price from £13 per month for two miniatures – UK only)

A new way of sampling the best gins from around Scotland delivered to your door. Combining the best parts of live tastings and gin memberships, the club meets online each month to talk members through four new gins, have some fun, and learn about flavour, history, and the people behind the bottles! The people behind the club are running regular events and teaching guests from all over the world about the wonderful Scottish Gin industry.

The Local Gin Company (price from £40 per month – UK only)

Discover new regional producers and support your local gin community. In this gin subscription club, you are able to select the region you want to receive your gins from within England.

Each month you will receive a full sized bottle of gin with tasting notes and a Distiller profile, plus British tonic waters, garnishes, offers and discounts for more.

MicroBar Box (price from £92.85 for 3 months subscription period – UK only)

Their monthly gin club looks to introduce you to new gins from brands you may not have experienced before, as well as suggesting exciting ways to enjoy them.

Each delightful delivery contains a great selection of gins and mixers to taste in the comfort of your own home. Together with mixing instructions for the cocktails and suggested pairings for the G&T’s.

Craft 56 Scottish Gin Club (price from £40 per month – UK only)

Each month you will receive a bottle of Scottish gin, generally a 70cl bottle but occasionally a 50cl bottle if it is a special edition, exclusive or a gin that is truly exceptional. You’ll also receive some complementary mixers (Scottish wherever possible) which have been chosen to pair with the gin. The box also contains sweet treats handmade to pair with the gin of the month, along with a tasting note card that features a photo of the local artist.

The Gin To My Tonic Gin Club (price from £30 per month – UK only)

Each month the club will send you a specially curated Home Gin Club Festival Box for you to enjoy from home. Each box will include five official 50ml miniatures and five Fever-Tree Mixers (or optional Fever-Tree Lemonades) chosen to complement and enhance the craft gins featured. But that’s not all…… embracing their love of events, each box will link with a LIVE Virtual Gin Festival hosted by The Gin To My Tonic, they’ll introduce each distillery as part of a 30 minute segment where you’ll get to hear their story to date, tasting notes and perfect serves, entwined with distillery tours, cocktail making and fascinating gin trivia to enrich your own personal gin journeys.

Little Gin Box (price from £10 per month – UK only)

The Little Gin Box is a non committal subscription to some of the best Gins in the World! Every month their experts will select the finest gins to feature in the Little Gin Box.  All you need to do is decide how long you want to receive your box for and sit back and relax. Each box will contain 50ml of 2 carefully selected gins, plus tasting notes, all for the ridiculously low price of just £10 per month!

Gin In A Tin (price from £35 per month – UK only)

Receive one 50cl tin, beautifully presented in a cotton bag, alongside literature guiding you where to find out more about each blend, how to make the perfect G&T and how to reorder a specific blend that tickles your taste buds. Thereafter you will receive a different 50cl tin of gin to enjoy every month, whereby starting to create your very own gin library at home.

The Juniper Club (price from £35 per month – UK only)

The Juniper Club Gin of the Month is a Gin Subscription service where you choose to receive their carefully chosen Craft Gin either Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly. The Gin of the Month is always a closely guarded secret until it arrives with the club members, but it will be a full bottle (70cl) of small batch Craft Gin carefully chosen by the team.

The Craft Gin Club (price from £40 per month – UK only)

Jon Hulme and John Burke, business school friends who met while studying in Madrid, hit upon the idea for Craft Gin Club while reminiscing over some of their favourite Spanish-style gin and tonics in a London bar. The pair founded Craft Gin Club in January 2015 with the mission to reinvent the way gin lovers discover and enjoy new gins, all while supporting amazing craft producers. Little could they imagine the incredible gin journey they had in store!

In the summer of 2016, Jon and John appeared on BBC Dragons’ Den, attracting offers from four Dragons before winning the investment of entrepreneur Sarah Willingham, who now works closely with the company as a member of its board. The monthly box is a surprise until it arrives, but always includes a full-size bottle of craft gin, paired mixers for delicious cocktails, snacks, and their 56-page club ‘Ginned’ magazine.      

Sipsmith Sipping Society (price from £35 for delivery every other month – UK only)

Unique, seasonal gins crafted just for the members of the society is what the Sipsmith Sipping Society is all about. Members of the society receive two 20cl bottles every two months, with each bottle being a new creation.

In each delivery, Sipsmith’s Master Distiller Jared Brown will talk you through the story behind every gin and what to expect on the palate with his comprehensive tasting notes, as well as a range of cocktail suggestions to showcase the gin’s full breadth of character.

Flaviar (price from £45 every 3 months – available in the UK, EU and US also)

Flaviar is a “band of spirits enthusiasts, inspired by culture, rich history and the art of distillation. We forage the World of Spirits for the finest, rarest and most unique expressions out there and pack it all into a 21st century Members Club. You are what you drink, diversity and quality matter and all that should most certainly be enjoyed with style and in good company.”

The quarterly subscription comes with a free quarterly bottle and a free quarterly tasting box.

Taster’s Club (price from US$59 per month – US only)

Taster’s Club is a curated subscription experience. Each month, you can expect to receive a new 750ml bottle of fantastic gin at your door, guaranteed to amp up your cocktail game.

Part of what makes the club special is the surprise of getting a great bottle you’re not familiar with. Because of this, they don’t pre-announce what the upcoming month’s shipment will be, but you can see a selection of recent distilleries featured previously on their website.

Mash & Grape Gin Explorer (price from US$44 per month – US only)

Mashbox Club’s aim is to help you to discover rare, small batch spirits from artisanal distillers around the world.

“Our passion is helping you discover better drinking, and celebrating the craft of exceptional artisans…Making this exploration easier is our job and we scour the planet looking for products that excite and amaze us, so that we can share them with you.”

White Possum (price from A$59 per box – Australia only)

In every delivery, you’ll find a bottle of Australian spirits and a tasting card. That’s it, nothing complicated about it. White Possum spirits subscriptions are a great way to taste a wide range of Australian spirits.


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