Although podcasts have been around for a while, their popularity has grown more recently in line with the proliferation of new podcasts available on every topic imaginable, including one of our favourites: Whisk(e)y! Personally, it was great fun and a laugh to take part in the Uncorked Whisky Sessions podcast by That Boutique-y Whisky Company, Batch 12 discussing Whisky in Cinema (and TV) as well as fictional whisky brands. Check it out!

The best podcasts can inform, educate, and entertain, all at once. On this blog post I have tried to capture a list of the Top Whisk(e)y Podcasts and I have separated them based on where they originate from….enjoy!

If you have any suggestions for Whisk(e)y podcasts to be added – please contact me.


Uncorked Whisky Sessions

From the creators of That Boutique-y Whisky Company, That Boutique-y Broadcasting Company brings you Uncorked: Whisky Sessions – a podcast show all about whisky. Pour yourself a dram and sip along as That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s global brand ambassador and Icon of Whisky, Dave Worthington and Dr Whisky (Dr Sam Simmons, Master Blender) contribute to the biggest whisky conversations of the past, present and future. Every episode is filled with delicious-y dram and distillery discussion, guests from within and outside of the whisky industry and endless tastings for you to sink your ears into.

The Quaich is a new podcast from three whisky obsessed friends living in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. In the spirit of the traditional quaich drinking vessel we aim to welcome you and share our love of whisky in a light-hearted but informative manner. Expect discussion of the drams that have caught our attention recently beside some lively debate on the hot topics of the day.

Double Scotch

Think you know your whisky? Rachel McCormack hosts this entertaining interview based whisky podcast. Each episode features three whiskies with a special guest – from the worlds of entertainment, literature, music, sport and the whisky industry. You can be sure of two things: great whisky and a blether!

Inside Whisky

On ‘Inside Whisky – The Barrel Talk’, Manuel, Miriam and Martin talk to people working in the whisky industry and listen to their stories. These stories may be about the whisky, their lives or the places they live in. Although the podcast may get geeky from time to time, whisky beginners should also be able to enjoy listening in to their ‘barrel talk’.

The Malt Whisky Trail Podcast

This is a podcast from The Malt Whisky Trail, the home to the world’s largest concentration of Scotch malt whisky distilleries. The Malt Whisky Trail’s podcast showcases the world’s only Malt Whisky Trail  inviting listeners to uncover the secrets of malt whisky country and get a taste of the very best of Scotland in beautiful Moray Speyside.

The Trail is made up of nine locations including, Benromach, Cardhu, Glen Moray, Glen Grant, Glenfiddich, The Glenlivet, Strathisla, Dallas Dhu, and The Speyside Cooperage. The Malt Whisky Trail podcast will introduce you to the guardians of centuries of know-how and the craftspeople who make the whisky you love. The podcast is hosted by Speyside resident Eleanor Bradford.

Whisky Talk – the podcast from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Hosted by Richard Goslan, editor of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s members magazine Unfiltered, in this podcast he will be introducing you to some of the people who make whisky, the places it comes from and the characters who bring it to life.

This is My Dram

This is My Dram is a podcast about whisky, music and occasionally some other stuff if they get distracted. In each episode the team behind it reviews a whisky and play some thoughtfully paired songs – in full – to enjoy while you dram along.

Scots Whisky Explorers

Scots Whisky Explorers is a podcast project set up by two whisky enthusiasts. Each episode of the podcast will see them investigate and discuss a particular topic in detail, seeking a better understanding of the world’s most iconic drink.

Cask Chasers Podcast

A whisky podcast for the new and experienced enthusiasts alike! They explore the world of whisky and provide perspective from every area of the culture including distilleries, retailers, bloggers, critics, and even fellow podcasters. Whisky is an art form with boundless expressions, join the Cask Chasers as they share the love for them all. It’s not about finding the perfect dram, it’s all in the Chase.

Live from the Sample Room

From Scotch Whisky makers, Whyte & Mackay, comes a new podcast exploring the people, places, and passions behind the liquid gold. Join drinks columnist, Abbie Moulton, on a journey to unveil the stories, and secrets of the whisky makers shaping the industry today – and crafting the whiskies of tomorrow.

Not Another Whisky Podcast

Mitch and Daz are Whisky Ambassadors with 30 years experience between them. They are also good mates who enjoy some banter. They will bring you an unpretentious insider’s view of the whisky industry, done in 40(ish) minutes each episode.

Ireland (Europe)

Potstilled Live – The Podcast!

Ireland’s first Irish whiskey podcast – Potstilled Radio, your independent Irish whiskey resource. Bi-Monthly podcast series focusing on the people behind the big brands we all love to drink. Sit down with the team twice a month as they go behind the scenes of some of the biggest brands in the industry to attempt to discover the people and funny stories that give brands their great personalities.

Whiskey Chats

Podcast for Irish Whiskey enthusiasts and fans, with Laurie O’Dwyer chatting to guests each week, about all things whiskey.

North America

WhiskyCast (Mark Gillespie)

WhiskyCast was started by journalist Mark Gillespie back in 2005 and it is probably the first whisky-focused podcast still going strong. It cover the latest whisky news, in-depth interviews, tasting notes and more and it has also expanded since 2005, now encompassing the weekly WhiskyCast podcast, along with WhiskyCast HD video podcasts and the monthly WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings podcast. For the WhiskyCast story click here. List of WhiskyCast episodes.

One Nation Under Whisky

One Nation Under Whisky is a Podcast for Whisky Geeks by Whisky Geeks. Learn about the whisk(e)y industry with a focus on Independent bottling. A recent podcast included ‘Report from Campbeltown Festival 2019′.

The PodCask – a Podcast about Whiskey

The PodCask is a show about bourbon, whiskey and sometimes even scotch. Will and the Greeze go on a journey to learn more about whiskey and how to appreciate it. Recent podcast includes ‘Eagle Rare Presents: The Podcask Neat, May Edition’.

Whiskey Neat with Kristopher Hart

The Whiskey Neat Podcast is a show focused around barrel-aged spirits and the people who make them. Each week, Kris interviews the most interesting industry insiders and samples some of the best spirits around. Recent podcast includes ‘A scenario in which a Tennessee Whiskey isn’t a bourbon, with Chris Fletcher’.

The Bourbon Lens

The Bourbon Lens is a discussion amongst friends over bourbon. Recent podcast includes ‘Whiskey Industry: Insiders & Influencers’.

The Bourbon Road

The Bourbon Road is two Veterans sharing pours and good stories with interesting guests. Each week both sip on bourbon while talking with celebrities, musicians, chefs, authors, industry experts and everyone in between.

Spirits of Whisk(e)y

SPIRITS OF WHISK(E)Y explores the wide world of whiskey through the many colorful personalities who make it, promote it, write about it, and more. With each podcast, Kerry Moynahan, a Certified Bartender and Bourbon Steward, and Philip Dobard, Director of The Cocktail Collection, interview whiskey’s most important names, from high-profile makers, blenders, and ambassadors to out-of-the-way innovators and remote pioneers. Join us each week as we discover the people and elements that give the water of life its spirit.

Dead Men of Whiskey

A podcast about the remarkable lives and sometimes unusual deaths of the names we all know in whiskey.

The Bourbon Show

The Bourbon Show discusses the latest in bourbon news, up-coming and recent releases, in-show bourbon reviews, upcoming events and interviews with people from around the bourbon and whiskey industry. Hosted by Steve Akley, Kaitlyn White and Jeremy Schell.

Bourbon & Banter

The OFFICIAL BOURBON & BANTER podcast is all about bourbon, whiskey, distilled spirits and enjoying them with good friends. With a colorful cast of characters from professional palates and cocktail connoisseurs to casual drinkers and bottom-shelf dwellers our opinions may be varied but our mission singular: to help you drink curious.

Whiskey Lore

Behind every label, there is a story. Join ‘Travel Fuels Life’ host Drew Hannush as he uncovers the unique history, myths, icons, and processes that give each whisky it’s depth and character. Binge on new seasons when they are released by subscribing to Whiskey Lore.

Whiskey Women

Whiskey Women podcast seeks to liberate shy or tentative wannabe whiskey drinkers by introducing types and brands of whiskey and discussing them in a delightfully absurd, insistently unserious way.

The Whisky Topic

The Whisky Topic is a weekly podcast hosted by Mark Bylok, author of The Whisky Cabinet, and Jamie Johnson, who runs a private bourbon club in Toronto, Canada.

Hear in Spirit

Hear in Spirit is a podcast inspired by the whisky community, exploring the people and stories that make this world as miraculous and flavorful as the drink itself. This podcast is for whisky lovers, but expertise is by no means a requirement for enjoyment. With this podcast, we’re on a journey together to learn and listen and hopefully discover not only something new about whisky, but something new about ourselves.

Po It Up

The Po It Up podcast is hosted by Mike Outcalt and Devin Mitchell talking all things whiskey and produced by Rose Haag with support from Katie Greenberg. Featuring Po’ It Up (feat Z-Ro & H.A.W.K.) by Big Moe.


Whisky Waffle

Whisky Waffle is a podcast featuring the slightly slurred voices of Nick Turner and Alex ‘Ted’ Matthews, two Tasmanian whisky fans who, once a microphone is turned on and a bottle opened, just can’t seem to stop talking about the stuff. Or to be more precise: waffling about it.


For Reference: The Top 25 Podcasts on Drinks (Inside the Cask)

The best advertising for a podcast is word of mouth by friends sharing recommendations with each other. Check out how to use the podcast app on your smartphone or tablet to discover the world of free content available out there.

For Reference: ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Podcasts’ by WIRED magazine

  • Hi – great list. Some of these podcasts are no longer being produced, although they have good back catalogs. Is it possible to consider adding our whisky podcast ‘Honest to a Malt’ to this list please? Whether it’s a ‘top podcast’ is debatable, but we do publish a new episode almost every week and enjoy making the episodes! Thanks, Duncan

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