Whisky! Whiskey! Uísque!

There is a huge number of whisky events and festivals in the UK and throughout the World. Here I have tried to list some of these based on the month when they usually start to take place (dates may vary year on year) – please contact me if there are any suggestions of events that should be added to the list!

Note that I have used as an initial reference a number of websites and contributors online such as The Scotch World, Darren from Glencairn Crystal, Scotchwhisky.com, and many others.

You can also search the Whisky Events & Festivals page using keywords on the box below, e.g. by country, name of event, etc (just type and then press enter)


Arctic Whiskey Festival (Tromsø, Norway)

Hanse Spirit (Hamburg, Germany)

Harrow Whisky Festival (Harrow England, UK)

Victoria Whisky Festival (Victoria, Canada)


Hielander Whisky Festival (Alkmaar, Netherlands)

Newcastle Whisky Festival (Newcastle England, UK)

Southport Winter Whisky Festival (Southport England, UK)

Whisky Wonderland (Hammond, Canada)


Craft Beverage Expo (Kentucky, USA)

Fife Whisky Festival (Cupar Fife Scotland, UK)

New Orleans Bourbon Festival (New Orleans, USA)

Roma Whisky Festival (Rome, Italy)

The Whisky X (Atlanta, USA)

The Whisky X (Miami, USA)

Whiskey and Barrel Nite (New York, USA)

Whiskey Festival Noord Nederland (Groningen, Netherlands)

Whisky Birmingham (Birmingham England, UK)

Whisky Galore Dramfest (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Whisky Schiff (Luzern, Switzerland)


Beer & Whisky Fair (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Bristol Whisky Festival (Bristol England, UK)

Clackmannanshire Whisky Festival (Alloa Scotland, UK)

Croydon Whisky Festival (Croydon London England, UK)

Nth Show – Ultimate Whisky Experience (Las Vegas, USA)

Spirit of Speyside (Scotland, UK)

The Whisky Fair Limburg (Limburg, Germany)

Viking Line Cinderella Whisky Fair (Stockholm, Sweden)

Vilnius Whisky Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Whiskey and Barrel Nite (Tampa, USA)

Whiskey and Barrel Nite (Washington DC, USA)

Whisky Fair Rhein-Ruhr (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Whisky Global (Vancouver, Canada)


Bergen Whiskey & Beer Festival (Bergen, Norway)

Binny’s World of Whiskies (Chicago, USA)

Campbeltown Malts Festival – Glen Scotia (Campbeltown Scotland, UK)

Campbeltown Malts Festival – Springbank, Glengyle and Caddenhead’s (Campbeltown Scotland, UK)

Distill America (Madison, USA)

Fèis Ìle – The Islay Festival (Scotland, UK)

Future Drinks Expo (San Francisco, USA)

London Whisky Weekender (England, UK)

Lyon Whiskey Festival (Lyon, France)

National Whisky Festival (Glasgow Scotland, UK)

Pawlina Whiskey & Friends Festival (Warsaw, Poland)

ProWein Düsseldorf (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Roma Bar Show (Roma, Italy)

Spirit of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)

Summerton Whisky Festival (St Albans England, UK)

The Whisky X (Brooklyn New York, USA)

Toulouse Whisky Festival (Toulouse, France)

Trondheim WhiskyFestival (Trondheim, Norway)

WhiskeyFest Nuremberg – The Village (Nuremberg, Germany)

WhiskyFest Chicago (Chicago, USA)

WhiskyFest Hollywood FL (Hollywood FL, USA)

Whisky Fête (Montreal, Canada)

Whisky Live (London England, UK)

Whisky Live Canberra (Canberra, Australia)

Whisky Live Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)


Arran Malt & Music Festival (Isle of Arran Scotland, UK)

Bar Convent Brooklyn (Brooklyn NY, USA)

Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference (Orlando, USA)

DISCUS Annual Conference (New Orleans, USA)

Drambusters Whisky Festival (Dumfries Scotland, UK)

Edinburgh Whisky Festival (Scotland, UK)

Kiddushfest (New York, USA)

NY Indie Spirits Expo (New York, USA)

Seoul International W&S Expo (Seoul, Korea)

Stoke Whisky Festival (Stoke-on-Trent England, UK)

The Whiskey Affair (Guildford England, UK)

The Whisky X (Chicago, USA)

Whiskey Live Dublin (Dublin, Ireland)

Whiskies of the World (Washington DC, USA)

Whisky An A That Festival (Ayr Scotland, UK)

Whisky Live Brisbane (Brisbane, Australia)


Belfast Whiskey Week (Belfast Northern Ireland, UK)

Southport Whisky Festival (Southport England, UK)

Tales of the Cocktail (New Orleans, USA)

Whiskies of the World (Chicago, USA)

Whisky Live Argentina (Ushuaia, Argentina)

Whisky Live Nashville (Nashville, USA)

Whisky Live Sydney (Sydney, Australia)

Whisky Spring (Schwetzingen, Germany)


Festiwal Whisky (Jastrzębia Góra, Poland)

Just Whisky Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)

Sydney Whisky Fair (Sydney, Australia)

Whiskies of the World (Boston, USA)

Whisky Fringe (Edinburgh Scotland, UK)

Whisky Live Perth (Perth, Australia)

Whisky Social (Falkirk Scotland, UK)


ADI Conference & Expo (St. Louis, USA)

Banff Whisky Experience (Alberta, Canada)

Bourbon & Beyond (Louisville, USA)

Dutch Whisky Festival (Arnhem, Netherlands)

Hielander Summer Whisky Festival (Alkmaar, Netherlands)

Hong Kong Whisky Festival (Hong Kong, China)

Kentucky Bourbon Festival (Bardstown, USA)

Liverpool Whisky Festival (Liverpool England, UK)

Maltstock (Lievelde, Netherlands)

Midlands Whisky Festival (Birmingham England, UK)

Nashville Whiskey Festival (Nashville, USA)

ProWine Singapore (Singapore, Singapore)

Spirit of Speyside Distilled Food & Drink (Scotland, UK)

The National Whisky Festival (Aberdeen Scotland, UK)

The Whiskey Affair (Haslemere England, UK)

The Whisky X (Austin, USA)

The Whisky X (Denver, USA)

The Whisky X (Houston, USA)

The Whisky X (Nashville, USA)

Whiskey and Barrel Nite (Chicago, USA)

Whiskey and Barrel Nite (Pleasanton, USA)

Whiskies of the World (San Francisco, USA)

Whiskies of the World (San Jose, USA)

Whisky by the Sea (Vlissingen, Netherlands)

Whisky Indy Love Fest (Newcastle upon Tyne England, UK)

Whisky Live Adelaide (Adelaide, Australia)

Whisky Live Canada (Toronto, Canada)

Whisky Live Nordics (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Whisky Live Paris (Paris, France)

Whisky Ottawa Festival (Ottawa, Canada)

Whisky Show (London England, UK)

Whisky Social (Dundee Scotland, UK)


Aquavitae (Mülheim, Germany)

Dornoch Whisky Festival (Scotland, UK)

Great American Whiskey Fair (Columbia, USA)

Manchester Whisky Festival (Manchester England, UK)

Stirling SpiritFest (Stirling Scotland, UK)

Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival (Stockholm, Sweden)

The International Drinks Expo (London England, UK)

The Whisky Stramash (Edinburgh Scotland, UK)

The Whisky X (Las Vegas, USA)

The Whisky X (Los Angeles, USA)

United States Trade Tasting (Chicago, USA)

Whiskey and Barrel Nite (Los Angeles, USA)

Whiskies of the World (Atlanta, USA)

Whiskybase Gathering (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

WhiskyFest San Francisco (San Francisco, USA)


Bourbon Classic (Louisville, USA)

Carlstad Beer & Whisky Festival (Karlstad, Sweden)

Glasgow Whisky Festival (Scotland, UK)

Grains and Grits Festival (Townsend, USA)

Mozambique Wine & Whiskey Festival (Maputo, Mozambique)

New Brunswick Spirits Festival (New Brunswick, Canada)

Oslo Whiskey Festival (Oslo, Norway)

Spirits in the Sky (Brussels, Belgium)

Whiskies of the World (Seattle, USA)

WhiskyFest New York (New York, USA)

Whisky Social (Carlisle England, UK)

York Whisky Festival (York England, UK)


Durban Beer, Wine & Whiskey Festival (Durban, South Africa)

InterWhisky (Frankfurt, Germany)

Kendal Whisky Festival (Kendal Cumbria England, UK)

Milano Whisky Festival (Milan, Italy)

Whiskies of the World (Ft. Lauderdale, USA)

WhiskyFest Las Vegas (Las Vegas, USA)

Whisky L! (Shanghai, China)

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