From probably the most famous fictional scotch whisky brand, Glencallan, to others such as Glengoolie scotch whisky from the FX TV series ‘Archer’, these are just some of the many fake brands that have appeared on screen over the years. On Movies and TV shows they tend to be usually difficult to spot and generally only the region or the age is highlighted without mentioning a brand…here is a sample of the top fictional brands found using Scotch Cinema blog as the main source of material given that its founder, Curtis MacEachern, has been logging every dram appearance since 2011….

‘The term for the use of a fake product in the film industry is “Greek”. For example, a company will Greek a box of cereal so that they don’t feature a real brand in the scene, thus avoiding royalty disputes or the impression that they are promoting a particular product.’ Curtis MacEachern

An actual Glengoolie bottle

Glencallan scotch whisky (TV series: Chicago P.D.; Sons of Anarchy; Burn Notice; Nip/ Tuck; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; Community; Heart of Dixie; Grey’s Anatomy; Breakout Kings; The Mindy Project; Space Force)

“We’re trained to see brands, so when you don’t it’s almost jarring, but the network won’t use a brand if it interferes with an advertising deal they have or if it’s not used for its intended use. So instead of covering it with tape or running into a legal nightmare, we create these brands that are fictional.” Michael Bertolina, ISS’s former vice president of Entertainment Marketing and Acquisition

Balmoor scotch whisky (TV series: Chicago Med; The Grinder; Lipstick Jungle; The Defenders, Boston Legal, The Originals)

An actual Balmoor 21yo prop bottle

Glen McKenna scotch whisky (TV: How I Met Your Mother/ HIMYM)

This fictional scotch whisky has appeared a number of times on HIMYM – click here for more info if interested.

Clyburn scotch whisky (Film: The Dark Knight; Rock of Ages; The Place beyond the Pines/ TV: HIMYM)

Ron Burgundy’s Gret Odin’s Raven blended scotch whisky (Film: Anchorman)

“I love Scotch. Scotchy Scotch Scotch. Here it goes down. Down into my belly.” – Ron Burgundy

Note that this originally ‘fictional’ whisky in the first Anchorman film, was actually released in time for the sequel Anchorman 2, and is now available to purchase.  It’s apparently a classy blend, featuring grain and malt whiskies from the Highlands, Speyside and Islay – click here.

Premium Darkly Machiever scotch whisky (Film: I, Robot)

The Makallan scotch whisky (TV: South Park)

McCleary scotch whisky (Film: Pulp Fiction, Barfly)

Glen Dochart scotch whisky (TV: Blacklist)

GlenKnolls scotch whisky (TV: Scandal; Modern Family; The People vs. OJ Simpson)

“This particular sighting marks the fourth appearance of mystery malt known as GlenKnolls. It has appeared in an episode of “The People V. O.J. Simpson” as well as two episodes of “Modern Family“. In each scene the label on the actual bottle itself is barely visible but after enlarging a few screenshots it no longer completely indecipherable.”Curtis MacEachern, Scotch Cinema blog

An actual Glen Knolls 30yo prop bottle

MacCutcheon scotch whisky (TV: Lost, Once Upon a Time)

This fictional scotch whisky brand appears numerous times during Lost – click here for more information.

Stafford Twin Wood scotch whisky (TV: Ray Donovan; Californication; MONK; How I Met Your Mother; Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

An actual Stafford Twin Wood 21yo prop bottle

J. Darby scotch whisky (TV: Lost; Life; NCIS)

Hennigan’s scotch whisky (TV: Seinfeld)

To Jerry and Kramer, Hennigan’s has the advantage, unlike other brands of Scotch, of not leaving the imbiber smelling of alcohol.

“That’s right, folks. I just had three shots of Hennigan’s, and I don’t smell. Imagine, you can walk around drunk all day. That’s Hennigan’s, the no-smell, no-tell Scotch.”

“Say you got a big job interview and you’re a little nervous. Well, throw back a couple of shots of Hennigan’s, and you’ll be as loose as a goose and ready to roll in no time. And because it’s odorless, why, it’ll be our little secret.” (singing) “H, E, double-N, I…” Kramer


Mantia scotch whisky (TV: Westworld)

MacAskill Single Malt scotch whisky (Film: Local Hero)

MacFarland’s Single Malt scotch whisky (Film: Doctor Sleep)

An actual MacFarland 21yo prop bottle

Glenholme Single Malt Scotch whisky (TV: Vegas; Blindspot)

An actual Glenholme 18yo prop bottle

For reference – Inside the Cask blog post ‘Whisky in Comics

For reference – Inside the Cask blog post ‘Do you recognise these ‘Fictional’ Drinks brands from Hollywood films and TV?’


  • Just wanted to say I found Balmoor in Boston Legal as well.

  • Balmoor also appears in “The Originals” S03E16.

  • How about real whiskey brands in TV shows? For example, there was an episode of “The West Wing” where the British Ambassador and one of the president’s senior advisors are at a state function, and the ambassador asks if they serve Lagavulin in the White House. The advisor responds in the negative, but suggests a nearby bar where they “keep a bottle” of Lavagulin for him. We never actually see the bottle or the label, but the Lagavulin figures prominently in the scene nonetheless. There is another episode in which a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is pivotal to the plot. I don’t know for sure whether these were instances of commercial product placement, or simply prop details that were used to give the episodes more of a ring of truth. Does anyone have any thoughts on these two episodes, or other examples of real whiskey brands that appear in TV or movies?

  • Not sure if real anyone know whiskey featured on Randall and Hopkirk deceased was only saw label from a distance but back label was diamond shape

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