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Compass Box Whisky – Scotch Whiskymaker

Richmond, London

Will you help us show the world the limitless possibilities of Scotch whisky?

We’re a small and growing company focused on reinventing the spirit we love so much. And we’re looking for a new whiskymaker to join us as we look to the future.

You’ll be a key member of the whiskymaking team where whisky assessment – nosing, tasting and discussion – is a key part of the role. During your first 12 months, we’ll mentor you into our whiskymaking culture. We’ll teach you our processes, language, and philosophy while giving you hands-on responsibilities.

Why We Need You

We’re in need of someone with strong fundamentals in Scotch whisky sensory assessment to share the growing responsibilities of our whiskymaking team and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of what we do. You will be responsible for cask assessment, blending and supporting the continuous improvement and innovation of our whisky portfolio. You’ll become a public face of our business through brand ambassadorial work to share what we do with the world. We need you if you are someone who has a love for the creativity of whiskymaking and also enjoys sharing their whisky knowledge with others.

Our Business

Our mission is to show the world the limitless possibilities of Scotch whisky. To do so, the central focus of our business is making compelling whiskies that stand amongst the best in the world. Our business is growing and we have much ambition for the future. Currently, we are a team of 31 people, with our main office and blending room in London. We also have team members based in the US and France. Our whiskies are distributed globally, with primary markets in North America and Europe.

Our Whiskymaking Philosophy

We are looking for someone whose whiskymaking “worldview” aligns with ours. We have a distinct philosophy and set of principles that guide our approach to creating whiskies. Read about our Whiskymaking Philosophy at the link here. to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Who will be right by your side?

You’ll be reporting to our Whisky Forecasting Manager & Whiskymaker. You will also be collaborating closely with our Marketing and Operations teams. As whiskymaking is at the heart of our business, you’ll be exposed to all functional areas and team members over time.

Where it all happens

You’ll be based in our London office and blending room, located in Richmond. The role will require a moderate amount of travel, from time to time, for brand ambassadorial duties.

You will have some important responsibilities

  • Our aim is to provide you with a year of hands-on mentorship to prepare you for full responsibility over some of the key areas of our whiskymaking:
  • Core Range whisky development: cask assessment, blend prototyping and approvals for the vattings throughout the year for all our core range whiskies.
  • New-make whisky management: monitoring new-make fillings each month, working closely with our supply partners.
  • You will also support our Whisky Forecast Manager & Whiskymaker in the creation and development of Limited Edition whiskies and other new products.
  • You’ll play an important role in helping us share our whiskies with the world by representing us from time-to-time at whisky fairs, special events and in our blending room.

A little bit about you

We seek someone for this role who is an imaginative, thoughtful tactician. Someone who enjoys taking unconventional approaches in life in the service of a big-picture plan. Someone who thrives on collaboration with others. And someone who wants to be part of team and a business trying to make a difference in our industry.

Does this list describe you?

  • You see opportunities, not barriers.
  • You’re full of positive energy.
  • New opportunities to improve ways of working are always out there – you’re quick to spot them and make great things happen.
  • You’re nature is to be open, transparent and inclusive.
  • You’re proud to have exceptional personal integrity and strive always to do the right thing.

Here’s what we’re looking for, professionally speaking

  • A degree-level education.
  • Proven professional experience in the sensory assessment of Scotch whisky.
  • An appreciation of whisky blending, ideally, with practical experience in this area.
  • Knowledge of whisky production processes, including cask selection and at least a basic understanding of maturation science.
  • Outstanding organisational and time-management skills, with an ability to clearly prioritise and manage work.
  • Cool under pressure and good at managing deadlines, with an ability to handle multiple projects at once.
  • Confident with digital technology/software, particularly Excel.
  • An interest in aligning a philosophy of sustainability with the operational side of business.

Want to know more about us?

Perhaps the most important point of all:

Everybody is welcome. And we mean everybody.

Whatever your background, we want to hear from you. If you’d love to work with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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