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China Brand Manager – Spirits – Based in Shanghai, China

岗位职责 Job Responsibilities:

1. 负责海外饮料酒水品牌在中国市场的品牌营销工作,统筹与平台和品牌方的对接、合作,有效协调内部各种资源,确保各项营销活动的成功实施;Responsible for the brand marketing

of European spirits brands in the Chinese market, coordinating and collaborating with platforms and brand parties, effectively coordinating internal resources, and ensuring the successful implementation of various marketing activities;


2. 通过市场传播手段,树立品牌形象,包括但不限于线上线下营销,账号运营、站外种草等;

Establishing brand image through marketing communication means, including but not limited to online and offline marketing, account operations, promotion, etc.


3、负责品牌全年活动节奏规划与执行,贴合新品上市、热点与节日营销,制定线下活动和 小红书等社媒平台营销活动;

Responsible for the annual rhythm planning and implementation of brand campaigns, marketing in conjunction with new product launches, hot spots and festivals, and developing offline and social media platform marketing campaigns


4.进行市场整体行情与行业调研分析,收集市场数据和反馈,制定有针对性的产品及营销推 广策略,及时与内部团队沟通,提升店铺销量;

Research and analysis of marketing and industry, collection of market data and feedback, formulation of targeted product and marketing promotion strategies, timely communication with internal teams, and improved store sales


5. 负责定期与参与品牌方会议,保证良好的客户满意度。Regular meetings with brand participants ensure excellent customer satisfaction.


任职资格 Qualification requirements:


1. 本科及以上学历,英语流利,可作为工作语言,有留学背景者优先考虑;Bachelor’s degree or above, fluent in English as a working language, overseas study background preferred.


2. 具备 3 年以上的市场营销或广告公司工作经验,具体品牌管理、线上线下营销经验,海外品牌管理经验为加分项

More than 3 years’ experience in a marketing or advertising company, specific brand management, online and offline marketing experience, overseas

brand management experience is a plus;


3. 对酒类产品有着较强的兴趣或者自己是饮酒爱好者,熟悉烈酒类、酒水饮料类目的玩法;Have a strong interest in alcohol products, or are a drinking enthusiast and are familiar with spirits, drinks and beverages.


4. 性格外向,较强的沟通表达能力和客户管理意识,有工作主动性和责任心,能为结果负 责。Outgoing, strong communication skills and awareness of customer management, work initiative and responsibility, can be responsible for results.


划重点:酒水类项目经验,英语可作为工作语言,这两项是必须项。Key Point: Experience in liquor/beverage projects and English as a working language are both required.


有销售、市场营销、管理经验者为佳。Experience in sales, marketing and management is a plus



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