via the Carling Partnership

Responsible for overseeing and optimizing all aspects of logistical operations to ensure efficient and cost-effective movement of goods and materials across international borders.

Budget and Costs: Monitor expenditures, budgets and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Strategic Planning Develop and implement the international logistics strategy aligned with the company’s goals and objectives.

Footprint development: Recommend the allocation the production of new products or transfer existing productions to optimize costs and service level

Supply Chain Optimization: Continuously assess and improve the supply chain to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize delays.

Vendor Management: Collaborate with international carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and suppliers to negotiate contracts and ensure compliance.

Procurement: Collaborate with procurement to ensure the best logistics of finished products and bulk materials at group level

Compliance: Ensure adherence to international trade regulations, customs procedures, and import/export laws across various countries.

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