Hopewell Distillery

Hopewell Distillery is seeking a distiller to join in their expansion plans at their site in Barbados.

Hopewell Distillery Phase 1:

1. 250 ltr gin still
2. 1500 ltr double-retort rum still with 5 bubble-cap plates in the neck and a dephlegmator discharging into IBC totes positioned under the retort / condenser platform.
3. Three 3,000 ltr fermenters with cooling jackets and mixers for rum wash from 17 tonne molasses tank, designed for traditional Barbados short fermentation and two distillation runs per day.

Hopewell Distillery Phase 2 will come on stream in 2027 and will scale up the above four-fold and maybe introduce a continuous column.

The successful applicant will be experienced in pot distillation of rum and will be retained on a one-year contract / work permit.

The small distillery gin still is currently running and the rum still is under production for December delivery.

Questions and/or application should be made to Greg Cozier: [email protected]

To apply for this job email your details to greg@huzier.com.