The Whiskystats Insights Report 2023 whiskybase

Whiskystats, a Whiskybase company, has released their latest Insights Report, and they are suggesting that with falling auction market prices, a retail-auction price gap, and looking into brand-by-brand whisky performance, perhaps Whisky has become a Buyer’ Market.

As they state on the report, a buyer’s market is created by market conditions that favour buyers over sellers. Anything that increases the urgency of sellers to sell, or decreases the urgency of buyers to buy, contributes to a buyer’s market.

The Whiskystats Insights Report 2023 whiskybase

Each month, Whiskystats collects tens of thousands of auction price observations and tracks over 1.6 million whisky retail prices. Whiskystats incorporates ratings from Whiskybase, the world’s largest whisky database of more than 237,000 unique whiskies. Thanks to this unsurpassed dataset, Whiskystats is the standard bearer for whisky market analysis for collectors, producers, and investors.

“The whisky market is shifting, and data from 2023 reveals some surprising trends.” states Johannes Moosbrugger, Founder and Head of Data at Whiskystats

“It can be a challenge to crack the code of the whisky market. Here are our three keys. First, online ratings and reviews are a window into evolving consumer preferences. Second, retail price and availability tracking help to identify whisky releases that fall short of market expectations. Finally, auction results are the time-tested measure of market value.”

The Whiskystats Insights Report 2023 whiskybase

As the Whiskystats Insights Report highlights on its executive summary, 2023 was a story of two markets: retail and auction.

The price gap between whisky at auction and whisky at retail widened throughout 2023: auction prices decreased while retail prices remained comparably high. Put simply, in 2023, it was far cheaper to buy whisky at auction than at retail.

The Whiskystats Insights Report 2023 whiskybase

To download your free copy of the full Whiskystats Insights Report 2023 report click here.

The report includes:

  • 2023 Brand Spotlights – Which brands stood out in terms of consumer ratings, auction performance, and the retail-auction price gap?
  • Macallan Case Study – What’s behind the world’s most-auctioned whisky brand? And a deep dive into the Classic Cut 2019 release.
  • Whisky’s Secondary Market Value – A decline in the whisky auction market, with overall sales volume dropping and many bottles losing value.
  • The Retail-Auction Price Gap – By tracking retail price changes, can we unravel the growing gap between retail and auction prices?
  • In-Depth Brand Comparison – A side-by-side look at 70 of the most actively traded whisky brands by secondary market performance.

The Whiskystats Insights Report 2023 whiskybase


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