Hendrick's driest martini ever april fools

Hendrick’s gin has maintained the tradition by drinks companies of announcing special releases on the 1st April by announcing the release of the “driest ever” Martini: a powdered, just-add-water Martini.

Hendrick’s Gin has embarked on a journey to the driest depths of delight to bring their latest creation: Hendrick’s Driest-Ever Martini! Crafted with a curious & almost unbelievable concoction of powdered Hendrick’s Gin, English Cucumbers and a whisper of vermouth- all in powdered form – one simply adds water to indulge in this ready-to-drink marvel!

Here are some more examples from 2024:

James May Total Cheese by James Gin april fools

James May has introduced his Total Cheese by James Gin on 1st April.

Summerhall Distillery Pickering's Gin Original 1947 Gin Sriracha april fools

Summerhall Distillery has been bursting with excitement to reveal their latest collab with @sriracha_fg Combining the renowned Original 1947 Gin with the signature flavours of Sriracha, they have crafted a uniquely fiery blend “that will tantalize your taste buds”.

Build-a-Cheeseburger with Vodka Bilson april fools

This year the team at Billson’s created Build-a-Cheeseburger with Vodka ™️: “a miraculously mouth-watering blend capturing the irresistible flavours of your favourite diner classic!”

Scotch Whisky by Scotch™ Brand april fools

Scotch – The name that is loved by many… and in so many forms.
Introducing Scotch Whisky by Scotch™ Brand. A spirit worthy of our heritage and your tastebuds.

“Hailing from the heart of Scotland, Scotch Single Malt Scotch Whisky is sure to be a home bar essential, and the name on everyone’s lips in the very finest establishments. Aged in oak barrels for 14 years, Scotch Whisky by Scotch™ Brand is a magical experience whether you take it neat, over ice, or in any of your favorite classic cocktails. Expect a strongly smoky whisky with distinct herbal notes, in addition to peat with a smooth finish.”

Available nationwide this April 1st at all major retailers.

The Macallan 25 Year Old and Macallan 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky RTD april fools

The Whisky List announced it had partnered with The Macallan to introduce luxury in a convenience – The Macallan 25 Year Old and Macallan 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, “now available in sleek can form!”

RAER Original Blended Green Scotch whisky april fools

Jackton Distillery has two new releases this April, their new RAER Original Blended Green Scotch whisky, aged in oak Blue Curaçao casks, to give it a unique green hue when it’s bottled.

RAER Original Blended Scotch Whisky (Distillery Doggo's Edition) RAEURRR! april fools

In honour of their distillery dogs Brandy & Bailey, there was also a special, limited edition blend released with them front and center on the label, RAER Original Blended Scotch Whisky (Distillery Doggo’s Edition) RAEURRR!

Haggeriis haggis whisky april fools

Scottish Island Gifts announced the world’s first Haggis Whisky to their site! Haggeriis is distilled on the Isle of Texa, just off the the coast of the whisky-famous isle of Islay. The whisky was the brain child of local haggis farmer Iain Amadan who was keen to find a use for the haggis horns which the animals shed naturally each autumn. The distilled whisky is matured in casks containing the horns, resulting in a unique nutty undertone which is sure to be a hit with whisky lovers!

Valentian Vermouth haggis & salami RTD april fools

Scottish brand Valentian Vermouth announced it had entered the booming RTD market with a first-of-its-kind meat-infused
Negroni in a can. The RTD features locally sourced Borders Haggis with a Calabrian Spicy Salami for an extra kick.

A D Rattary whisky Cask Islay april fools

A D Rattray announced their new release, Cask Islay, matured in specially made Tartan Casks for a unique and colourful limited edition. As they stated online “if you are lucky to get your hands on a bottle, please be careful not to shake it, as it will disrupt the pattern! Available for one day only!”

Spirits of Virtue Glen Dochus Tartan Blend april fools

Spirits of Virtue has also followed with the tartan trend by unveiling their groundbreaking Glen Dochus Tartan Blend. It pays homage to the rich tapestry of Scottish culture and history. “We wanted to create something that was deeply rooted in Scottish tradition yet completely new to the world,” explains SoV’s Head of Special Projects, April McLoof.

“With GD Tartan Blend, we’ve woven the very essence of Scotland into each bottle.”

The company states that “the creation of the tartan whisky alternative involves a closely guarded proprietary technique that integrates natural colours into the blending process. These colours fuse with the smaller-sized H2O clusters found in the unique highland spring water we use throughout our Glen Dochus range. And it tastes as good as it looks – a complex profile of heather, peat and a hint of butterscotch.”

S'blended the whisky shop april fools

The Whisky Shop combined Scotland’s Two Favourite beverages, whisky and iron brew, to present their new release S’blended.

Highfern Ltd Angels’ Nectar Blended Malt scotch whisky pint bottle april fools

Highfern Ltd has announced that their Angels’ Nectar Blended Malt scotch whisky – Original is now available in their new pint bottle. This first bottling is a limited edition released on 1st April!

hart brothers whisky april fools

Following the No & Lo recent upsurge, Hart Brothers whisky introduced their brand-new Alcohol-Free, No Scotch Malt Whisky on 1st April. Made 100% from the purest Scottish water. No added colouring. No chill filtering.

0.0% ABV Riesling launch from Alsace producer Famille Hugel april fools

The Drinks Business has reported on a 0.0% abv Riesling launch from Alsace producer Famille Hugel.

St Austell Brewery beer ice lollies korev, Proper Job and Mena Dhu flavours april fools

St Austell Brewery introduced their brand new beer ice lollies on 1st April– a beer lover’s new summer essential.
The ice lollies will feature korev, Proper Job and Mena Dhu flavours and can be enjoyed frozen – or if you fancy an ice cold pint, let it melt and enjoy from a glass.
The new lollies will be stocked in freezers at St Austell Brewery managed houses across the South West, available in select retailers and subject to a challenge 25 policy.

Filey Bay eau de parfum Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery april fools

Away from distilled spirits to drink, Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery has announced the launch of Filey Bay eau de parfum. Delicate, fruity, and velvety, it is the world’s first field to bottle fragrance made with 100% homegrown barley. The essence of the distillery character captured in an eau de parfum. Created by master nose, Joe Clark.

SMOKE by Big Peat: The Scent of Islay eau de toilette april fools
Another similar product launched was SMOKE by Big Peat: The Scent of Islay.
Always wondered what their Ileach fisherman smells like? Wonder no further, with the launch of the brand new, eau de toilette. Set to launch in retailers across the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA, from 1st April 2024, SMOKE by Big Peat will be the ultimate scent of the year!
“A fresh, salty, clean aroma with deep notes of ash, sweet tar, beach BBQs and smoking chimneys”
Beyond Wines & Liquid Diamond HANX lube April fools
Beyond Wines & Liquid Diamond teamed up with HANX to launch a very limited edition Prosecco Flavoured Lube.
This is a very special vintage: in fact, they’ve trialled and tested it 69 times before it met the huns’ seal of approval… Think classic HANX Lube, just with an extra added sparkle and tasting notes of peaches, apples and pears.

Lagg Distillery blimp april fools

Lagg Distillery is taking their love of peated malt whisky to new heights whilst pushing innovation and new boundaries. So fans of the brand should have watched out for their new blimp take to the skies on 1st April!

Their plans for the Lagg Distillery blimp know no bounds – from whisky tastings in the sky to extending cask storage above ground to explore how mid-air maturation impacts on their peated single malt.

“We are delighted to welcome our new Lagg Distillery blimp to the Isle of Arran. This investment is sure to make waves in the industry, as we seek to pioneer the concept of mid-air maturation.” says Graham Omand, distillery manager

“It’s a huge leap forward for us and definitely isn’t an April Fool’s Day prank.”

Master of Malt whisky region april fools

Meanwhile, Master of Malt has grown tired of the restrictive rules around Scotch whisky, so they’ve decided there’s only one thing for it… they’re going to start their own region. How? Read the full plan right here, and you can even get involved in the initial round of fundraising!

North Star Spirits Campbeltown Spirit Chocolate Liqueur Soop

North Star Spirits Campbeltown Spirit Chocolate Liqueur Soop

One product that turns out to be real but I thought was an April Fool’s prank is North Star Spirits‘ Campbeltown Spirit Chocolate Liqueur Soop. Chocolate liqueur with aged Campbeltown whisky, natural chocolate flavour, cocoa distillate, cocoa infusion, and vanilla extract.

“Great over ice, over ice cream or all over yourself?”
– Dame Judy Dench

“Spice up any espresso martini or morning latte with this belter”
– Cillian Murphy

For Reference by Inside the Cask:


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