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Whisky writer and Keeper of the Quaich Felipe Schrieberg and whisky broker and consultant Mark Littler have launched ProtectYourCask.com, a website resource dedicated to providing clear, transparent information about purchasing and owning a cask of Scotch whisky while minimising the risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

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In recent years, the Scotch whisky industry has been concerned about the recent proliferation of whisky cask investment firms offering consumers the chance to make money by buying and reselling casks of Scotch whisky. Some of these companies have made misleading claims about potential return on investment, provided incorrect information to prospective clients, or even committed outright fraud where investors were swindled out of their money. 

Alarmed by this disturbing trend and the lack of information available on safely purchasing, owning and selling casks in an unregulated market, Felipe Schrieberg and Mark Littler have launched ProtectYourCask.com, a website resource dedicated to spreading awareness on safely purchasing and owning a cask of Scotch whisky while minimising the risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

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The site draws attention to and amplifies the excellent guidance on Scotch whisky cask investment written by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), the industry body representing the vast majority of Scotch whisky producers (Note: ProtectYourCask.com is not affiliated with the SWA).

Designed to be accessible and easy to understand for anyone who is thinking about buying or who already owns a cask of whisky, information on ProtectYourCask.com includes a helpful summary of the legal framework governing the purchase and sale of Scotch whisky casks, suggests red flags to watch out for when Scotch whisky cask investment firms are pitching their services and details stories covering historical Scotch whisky cask investment scams.

Felipe Schrieberg Protect your Cask
Felipe Schrieberg

To Schrieberg, the promises of potential profits on Scotch whisky casks carry disturbing echoes of the past:

“Every few decades, there’s been waves of new companies, many of them incompetent at best or perpetrating fraud at worst, promising fast and profitable returns on the purchase of Scotch whisky casks using aggressive sales tactics” he says,

“We’re seeing more than a few such firms today using similar techniques to generate enthusiasm and sales as fraudsters from over 20, 50, and even 100 years ago.” Felipe Schrieberg

“We think it’s important to fight the misleading claims that have been going around in order to protect the integrity of the Scotch whisky industry.”

Mark Littler
Mark Littler


Littler warns that the Scotch whisky cask investment market is far from a rosy opportunity and stresses the importance of genuine ownership:

“Investing in whisky casks is inherently risky as it is an unregulated and volatile market. When it comes to cask investment, one of the fundamental issues we’ve come across is ensuring an investor actually owns their cask rather than having rights to a cask through a third party. This is something that the SWA itself affirms in its own advice on the matter.”

“We hope ProtectYourCask.com can help others successfully navigate this precarious landscape or decide they’re better off investing in something safer.” Mark Littler

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