Per Se aperitivo Portugal

Portugal’s PER SE is a modern aperitif (or aperitivo in Portuguese) with a 14.5% abv and made from a blend of 24 botanicals with notes of cardamom, orange, Jamaican pepper and Portuguese hops delivering a balanced and refreshing twist. On the palate, it offers a light, sweet, and slightly bitter taste, providing a rich ensemble of flavours.

Per Se aperitivo Portugal

PER SE can be served on the rocks, mixed with tonic water, or as a Spritz, giving it versatility in its serving options and fitting different consumer preferences. Whether served alone or with tonic water, the finishing touch of an orange zest provides a delicate and refreshing citrus touch, ensuring a pleasant aftertaste and full-bodied flavour experience.

This Portuguese aperitivo is part of Casa Redondo‘s brand portfolio and it has already been recognised on the global stage, being crowned as the ‘Best Aperitif in the World’ from The Ultimate Spirits Challenge, along with a prestigious Double Gold medal at the Sip Awards.
As the first 100% Portuguese aperitif, PER SE invites you “on a cultural journey, each sip infused with the rich, authentic flavours of Portugal.” Get ready for a forecast of sunshine and good vibes, set to redefine your aperitif experience like never before.

PER SE aperitivo Portugal


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