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The UK’s independent advertising regulator – Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) – has issued guidance to advertisers of whisky cask investments. This follows recent activity by the ASA as they published two rulings about the advertising of whisky cask investments, concluding that the ads were misleading and socially irresponsible and also breached the rules which apply to ads for financial products.

ASA Enforcement Notice whisky cask investment

“Offers for such financial products need to be easily understood by the audience addressed, must not omit material information that consumer’s require to make informed decisions and must be socially responsible.” ASA

The ASA Notice applies to ads in all media for whisky cask investments targeted at UK consumers, including:

  • paid-for ads in all offline and online media, including ads on search engines, social media platforms and display ads, and
  • non-paid-for advertising online, such as websites, email marketing and any social media presence you may have, including influencer and affiliate advertising.

It does not apply to the rules around the investment itself.

ASA Enforcement notice whisky cask investment

For a copy of the ASA Enforcement Notice – click here: Enforcement-Notice-Advertising-of-Whisky-Cask-Investments.


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