Zero Proof Nation Alcohol Free Global Map of Venues

Zero Proof Nation, an online platform specialising in non-alcoholic culture, recently launched a virtual global map of 250+ entirely alcohol-free establishments. The map lets users plan domestic and international travel catering to this niche and visualize the industry’s global growth in real-time.

Zero Proof Nation Alcohol Free Global Map of Venues

The map showcases non-alcoholic bottle shops (brick-and-mortar locations and e-commerce sites) and booze-free bars (brick-and-mortar locations, pop-up events, and mobile mixology companies focused on alcohol-free). As per the IWSR, the global no-and-low alcohol category valuation surpassed $11 billion in 2022 and continues to grow.

The rise in no-and-low alcoholic beverages coupled with airlines (e.g. Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Qatar Airways, JetBlue), hotels (e.g. Hyatt, ClubMed, Wynn Las Vegas), cruise lines (e.g., Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines), and travel excursions (e.g., We Love Lucid, Hooked, Sober Vacations International) actively catering to sober and sober curious travelers highlights that increasing demand for sober-friendly travel. “The data doesn’t lie. People are looking for non-alcoholic options worldwide,” states Zero Proof Nation founder Laura Silverman.

“I wanted to eliminate the friction of having people search the Internet for days, trying to find alcohol-free shops and social spaces for them or their loved ones.” Laura Silverman

Laura Silverman Zero Proof Nation

The Zero Proof Nation global map complements apps like Better Without and BuzzCutt, highlighting brick-and-mortar venues serving non-alcoholic brands tied to local, regional, and national distribution channels.

To learn more, visit and follow along on social media at @zeroproofnation.


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