Ian Macleod Distillers Rosebank Distillery

Ian Macleod Distillers has announced that production at the Rosebank Distillery has restarted for the first time in over 30 years – following a multi-million-pound restoration.

The Lowland based distiller has completed initial distillation runs after three decades of silence and cask no. 001 – a refill bourbon barrel, is now maturing.

The new spirit is maturing in a refill bourbon barrel which will create a rich, fruity, and floral whisky, reminiscent of the original Rosebank’s signature flavour profile. This is a major milestone on the distillery’s restoration journey since the reconstruction began in 2019. Ian Macleod Distillers has restored the Falkirk-based distillery from the ground up at its original location.

Ian MacLeod Distillers Rosebank distillery

With close attention to detail, the new distillery has retained the format of the original production plant. Blueprints of the original stills were found and used to recreate the shape and characteristics of those from the original distillery. New worm tub condensers have been installed replacing the original ones. They impart a special element of the Rosebank distillation process and yield a heavier style of spirit as there is less copper contact during vapour condensation. The landmark chimney has been repaired and continues to dominate the skyline and centres the distillery site.

Commenting on the news, Malcolm Rennie, Distillery Manager at Rosebank , said: “We’ve known all along the magic and majesty that Rosebank retains, and you can really feel this come to life as we start up production once again and fill the first cask with the new Rosebank Spirit, Cask No. 001.”

“We’ve assembled a fantastic distillery team and there is excitement among us all as we complete our first distillation runs.”

This is the first Rosebank spirit to be distilled in more than 30 years, so it’s an absolute honour to oversee the moment, and play a part in returning this once whisky giant to its former glory.”

The Rosebank Distillery along with its visitor centre will open to the public in 2024.

Ian MacLeod Distillers Rosebank distillery
Gordon Dundas (Brand Development and Advocacy Director, Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd), Leonard Russell (Managing Director, Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd) and Malcolm Rennie (Rosebank Distillery Manager)

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