Martingale Cognac

Martingale Cognac was founded in 2023 by Guillaume Thomas (founder, CEO, veteran Pernod Ricard executive) and Amaury Thomas (co-founder, Master Blender), fourth-generation custodians of one of the most coveted domaines in the appellation, representing a legacy deeply rooted in Cognac. With over 100 years of tradition and craftsmanship, the Thomas family heritage was pioneered and nurtured by their visionary grandfather, Raymond Thomas.

An important figure in the history of Cognac, helping to sustain the protected status of the appellation through the post-war era, Raymond’s efforts and foresight led him to invest in the Thomas family farm and produce exceptional Cognac. Today, the Thomas family estate includes one of the largest vineyards (spanning over 600 acres across the top four crus of the Cognac denominated area), a distillery that seamlessly blends century-old know-how with cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art warehouses ideal for aging the exceptionally made eaux-de-vie, and an idyllic chateau and family home nestled in the heart of the region.

Martingale Cognac

The Thomas cousins invited Andrew Weir (co-founder, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer) on this journey to launch Martingale Cognac this Fall, initially in the US. This marks the first ever branded consumer product from this esteemed domaine, despite their century-long history of quietly and consistently producing the finest eaux-de-vie for renowned houses.  As such, Martingale upholds the long-standing reputation for the quality, consistency, and legacy that Raymond Thomas attentively built. Crafted from a blend of four of the most sought-after crus, with a notable borderies content, Martingale embodies freshness, fragrance, and refinement, offering an exquisite balance of complexity and smoothness for a new generation of Cognac and spirits enthusiasts.


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