Registrations and submissions of samples are now open for the 2023 edition of one of the best spirit competitions in the world, with the deadline being 15th July for entries.

spirits selection

Spirits Selection by Concours Mondiale de Bruxelles has one of the most stringent and competitive awards by any measure: they have a mandate to award no more than 30% of all entries with any type of medal. The judges come from across the spirits world – last year there were 131 judges from 34 countries – writers, distillers, importers, salespeople, bartenders and blenders are among them.

The competition travels to different countries each year and the 2023 Edition will be held in Treviso, Italy in late September (from 28th Sept to 1st October).

Click here for Registration (contact me for a 10% discount) – including information on regulations and shipment of samples.

spirits selection

For reference by Inside the CaskThe 22nd Spirits Selection by Concours Mondiale de Bruxelles

Here are some of the reasons you should submit a sample according to one of the competition’s judges, Robin Robinson:

“The scoring is done in a 100pt scale by individual judges in diverse, international team tables. Afterwards, each flight is discussed for medal awards, then submitted to a review team, who does a secondary analysis before awarding a final medal.

Samples are limited to no more than 30 per day per panel. The average flight is around 7 samples. They understand olfactory fatigue and the fact that judges are not super-heroes.”

“Preparation of samples is done in a separate room to insure complete anonymity for the judges.

They’ve developed a unique feedback system for judges to help them achieve greater objectivity.

Judges undergo trainings in masterclasses and are given a thorough spirits sensory guideline manual to assist them.”

“Spirits as diverse as baijiu to pisco, whisky to cachaca to flavoured rums are all analysed and scored. Insightful feedback is returned to the producers for each individual entry.” Robin Robinson

“With samples coming from over 60 countries, this is truly the only complete international judging competition. To win a Gran Gold here, you are without a doubt the best in the world.”

Click on this link for the full catalogue, the Spirits Selection Guide to Participation describing the competition and the method of registration.


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