The English Whisky Map 6th Edition

St. George’s Day takes place every year on the 23rd April, and as the patron saint of England, this is also the day chosen to celebrate the continuing growth for English Whisky.

There are currently 55 whisky distilleries across England, covering all stages of development; from some just getting started to the oldest distillery which has been distilling for nearly 20 years. The volume of spirit produced by English distilleries forecasted to grow 189% (from 2019-2023). Over the same period, the number of bottles sold is predicted to increase by 418%

The Story of English whisky has just begun….and in response to consumer demand, the English Whisky Guild (EWG) has been established with an overarching vision to showcase and protect the remarkable quality and diversity of whiskies crafted in England.

English Whisky Guild members

The English Whisky Guild (EWG) have also announced the appointment of Morag Garden as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the EWG – the organisation’s first full-time employee.

Morag joins the EWG at a time when the English whisky industry is witnessing both remarkable growth and continued traction with whisky drinkers, with circa 50,000 casks of English whisky predicted to be laid down by distillers by the end of 2024, the value of this maturing stock is forecast to exceed £1bn over the same period.

“I am delighted to represent the English Whisky sector which is continuing to grow, innovate and produce the highest quality spirit” said Morag. “I am looking forward to working with EWG members, with our supply chain, government and other key organisations to deliver the EWG’s vision for English whisky to be recognised globally as a respected choice for whisky drinkers.”

English Whisky Guild (EWG) Morag Garden
Morag Garden

“The appointment of Morag Garden as the CEO of the English Whisky Guild is a vote of confidence by the industry about its future role in the global whisky market” Andrew Nelstrop, Chair of the EWG and owner of The English Whisky Co.

Currently composed of 24 members (including its 15 founder members), who are all distilling spirit at a wide variety of production scales, EWG has previously submitted a Geographical Indicator (‘GI’) to DEFRA.

The GI will legally define English whisky to ensure consistent, understandable standards for all current and prospective distillers, of all sizes. The GI also contains proposals to bolster and support other connected UK industries, for example, grains used must be both grown and malted in the UK.

English Whisky Guild members
English Whisky Guild (EWG) members

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