Laphroaig's Peat Perfume

The tradition by drinks brands to announce ‘special or limited’ editions on the 1st April as an April Fools’ prank has continued into 2023. Here is a selection of some of the best examples found for you to laugh at….including Laphroaig’s Peat Perfume above.

According to Distillery Manager Barry MacAffer, “this has been a hugely exciting project that I didn’t believe was possible. Finally, smelling smoky can be a compliment!”​

World's First Truly Green Whisky World Whisky Day

The World’s First Truly Green Whisky was launched on 1st April by the folks behind World Whisky Day. The whisky named Uaine, after Lochan Uaine – or ‘the green loch’ in Aviemore, Scotland. Sustainably made at a B corp distillery, Uaine (pronounced ‘oo-in-ye’) takes its impeccable green credentials and, for the first time, makes them clear for all to see.

While it looks at first like a traditional Highland single malt, the rich gold spirit turns a vivid green when mixed with water, making it a stand-out product in the competitive whisky market.

Whisky is known to change colour during the maturation process in the cask, but World Whisky Day wanted to take this idea to a new level with a whisky that changes colour in the glass itself.

“Introducing a viridescent liquid to the market is exactly what the sustainability effort is all about: green thinking. Speaking honestly, whisky’s traditional amber hue isn’t all that conducive to the green trend we’re seeing across the market today. Uaine is really bringing whisky into a new, more future-focused era.” Master Blender John Simon

Whisky Resource Islay The Dragon, a Cask Strength Islay Single Malt and I Slay the Dragon, an Islay Blended Malt Whisky

Whisky Resource released two whiskies: Islay The Dragon, a Cask Strength Islay Single Malt and I Slay the Dragon, an Islay Blended Malt Whisky.

the goonlivet single malt scotch whisky the glenlivet

The Goonlivet is exactly what your high-end garden party has been waiting for: a glorious box filled with 1.5 litres of The Glenlivet 12 year old. Yes, this goes against the rules of scotch but they don’t like rules. The Goonlivet is crafted to look like a contemporary sculpture, or an accessory you might see in the elegant hand of an off duty supermodel according to the brand. Note that inexpensive boxed (or cask) wine is called “goon” in Australia.

Masters of Malt Master of Malt

Online retailer Master of Malt claimed to have changed their name to ‘MasterS of Malt’ as so many people kept getting their name wrong….of course, it was only a prank!

the gastronomy collection selection the whisky exchange

The Whisky Exchange announced the exclusive release of their first ever cooking whisky – the Gastronomy Selection! Suggesting it to try it in a bolognese or drizzle some over your favourite pizza. If you run out of ideas, you could also just drink it! The suggestion was a prank but the whisky was very much real and it is available online.

Dornoch distillery lalique crystal

Dornoch Distillery, renowned for its exceptional single malt scotch whiskies, has announced two exciting new ventures to delight whisky enthusiasts worldwide. Firstly, the release of a limited edition single malt scotch whisky bottled in Lalique crystal for the Indonesian market (pictured above), and secondly, a collaboration with cask investment companies for the exclusive sale of Dornoch casks. All this to be made available from 1st April 2023!

Seven Three Distilling Lefty Bottles

Seven Three Distilling introduced “lefty” bottles available on the 1st April only, so everyone should get ’em before they’re gone! Made especially for the left handed bartenders because not everything can be all right.

WaterProof Whisky Lip Balm

WaterProof Whisky came out with a way to keep the taste of WaterProof all day long, whilst keeping your lips moisturised and hydrated. Introducing their new all WeatherProof lip balm, for all your WaterProof on the go needs.

Malibu IRN-BRU MaliBRU

Malibu and IRN-BRU joined forces to launch MaliBRU – the Scottish nectar with the refreshing taste of summer! A perfect clash of two worlds both unashamedly proud to do whatever tastes phenomenal

WEST Brewery St Mungo Powdered Lager

WEST Brewery introduced St Mungo Powdered Lager. Already including Malt, Hops and Yeast, you just needed to add soda water at home. The product benefits included:

  • Deposit Return Scheme exempt
  • Fully decomposable packaging
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Lightweight & travel friendly
  • Long shelf life

Skyy Vodka Cheddar Espresso Martini

Skyy Vodka introduced the Cheddar Espresso Martini, following up on the viral trend behind the parmesan espresso martini.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Sailor's crunch cereal

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum ventured into the cereal category with the release of Sailor’s Crunch. With sweet marshmallow flash and just a touch of spice, this cereal is fool of flavour.

The Muff Liquor Company Muff Munchers

The Muff Liquor Company claimed to have introduced Muff Muncher gin flavoured crisps to their product range as they “really know how to get the best out of the potato!” #becomeamuffmuncher

Pinkster Gin Gum

Pinkster Gin moved into chewing gum with the release of Pinkster Gin Gum, said to be made with fresh Cambridgeshire fruit.

Flävar Flavar schnapps lickable wallpaper

Swedish Schnapps Brand Flävar Launched Flavoured Vodka Lickable Wallpaper.

ButterGummies wine infused gummy

New Butter Chardonnay wine-infused gummies for your favourite wine whenever you want it – ButterGummies! Each ButterGummy is packed with 14% alcohol, which means you’re getting a whole glass of wine in one bite. And with five ButterGummies in a tin, you can carry a whole bottle of Butter Chardonnay with you wherever and whenever you want to wine.

Earth & Wheat’s cauli chabli wine

Earth & Wheat has released a cauli chabli wine with a full cauliflower taste coming through on the palate.

Faustino Futura

The future of wine packaging has arrived with the new Faustino Futura, powdered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with these brand new features:

  • Vibe check: A sensor that self-opens the bottle, only when the vibe is right
  • Whiner to diner: In-built speaker that feeds the user conversation starters to use at dinner parties etc to make them appear more fun and interesting than they actually are
  • Gen Z translator: Chat GPT AI feature that speaks about the wine, gives you the right jargon to show off with at dinner parties, and translates ‘wine jargon’ into Gen-Z language so you can share your love of wine with your family

Waitrose Merlonay

Waitrose claimed to introduce… Merlonay! This fool-proof bottle lets you blend your own rosé wine, making it as pink or pale as you like. Mix 10ml of red with 165ml of white for a delicate Provençal pink, or 65ml of red with 100ml of white for a deep-coloured rosé.

WhistlePig Whiskey Still in a Grill

WhistlePig Whiskey released the WORLD’S FIRST Still in a Grill! Developed in partnership with Traeger Grills, this masterful device is made so you can craft rye whiskey in your own backyard. Compatible with their new Ironwood® and Timberline® grills, this simple drop and distill system lets you Set-It & Forget-It® with WiFIRE® connectivity. And with their Still in a Grill Starter Kit, you’ll have the proper amounts of pellets, rye, and yeast pre-measured for a foolproof distilling process. Distill your own smokey spirit, get to sipping, and host a taste-testing night complete with BBQ and your whiskey-loving crew.

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