Distilando aged spirits tech

Distilando is a new online resource for spirits lovers all over the world. It offers an encyclopedia of distilleries and brands as well as a convenient way to curate your own collection.

Distilando aged spirits tech

A purpose-built mobile app allows you to catalogue your bottles and provides an easy to use method of adding tasting notes for each one. Reviewing whisky and other aged spirits has never been easier.

Distilando’s simple step-by-step whisky reviewing process allows beginners to write tasting notes just like professionals. Users who cannot quite put their finger on what they are experiencing can check what other whisky experts detected using the “Tip” function. Figure out a whisky’s profile at a glance with Distilando’s radar chart. It is that easy. Collectors can also gain meaningful insights into their collection with automatically generated statistics.

Distilando aged spirits tech

“Time and time again I hear people when they drink whisky: “I don’t really know how to describe this. I know it taste’s good but what is it that I’m supposed to get here?” And we have all been there. That is why we included a feature that makes writing tasting notes super simple. On top of that, with the app you have your entire collection in your pocket.” Arne Wesche, founder of Distilando

Neill Murphy, writer at WhiskyReviews.net and Distilando contributor, said “Since April 2021, I have contributed to the development of Distilando with more than 130 articles written for the brand encyclopedia section. It’s been a great pleasure working on this project and I’m incredibly proud of the body of work we have amassed together but now it’s time for the real fun to begin.”

“The website is ready. The mobile app is ready. All Distilando needs now is you. It’s free, so please go and have a look. The information available about distilleries and brands is, in my admittedly biased opinion, excellent – and the easy-to-use app looks like a great way of cataloguing your collection and recording tasting notes in a simple and intuitive way. I hope you like it.”

At Distilando the love for aged spirits meets technology.

The new platform is extremely fast and relies on a sleek, user-centric design. Be one of the first to check out the new Distilando app. It’s free and available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

Distilando aged spirits tech

About Distilando

Headquartered in Bremen, Germany, Distilando was founded by a young team of international tech and whisky experts as diverse as the aged spirits it features. With the aim to gain more from your bottles, Distilando is home to collectors and connoisseurs alike.


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