'Andrés Brugal' Sipping Rum Edrington

Developed by Maestra Ronera Jassil Villaneuva Quintana, only 460 Bottles of the Limited-Edition ‘Andrés Brugal’ Sipping Rum and Travel-Inspired Case are Available Worldwide.

Home to 134 years of Dominican rum mastery, Brugal has unveiled its newest and most exclusive expression to date, Andrés Brugal. The ultra-premium rum was expertly crafted by fifth generation Maestra Ronera Jassil Villanueva Quintana as an homage to founder Andrés Brugal’s pioneering spirit of exploration and generations of maestros who traveled the globe to share the passion, warmth and joy of Brugal’s liquid artistry.

This is the brand’s first ever release that skilfully blends two double aged reserves with first fill single casks. At US$2,800 each, only 460 bottles are available worldwide, with 50 exclusively sold in the U.S.

“This limited-edition bottling is a journey that started over a century ago. Andrés Brugal combines special single cask family reserves and our signature double aging technique to tell a dual story of my family’s legacy of rum making, as well as my own as Maestra Ronera,” Jassil Villanueva Quintana.

Andrés Brugal’s deep, warm and radiant amber liquid boasts rich, balanced notes of roasted coffee beans and freshly harvested Cacao, layered gently with the sweet fragrance of homemade dulce de leche fudge and the buttery softness of Dominican rum cake.

On the palate, an enchanting combination of oak, vanilla bean and sweet caramel flan dance together in harmony, and are complimented by fresh ripe berries, delicate notes of aromatic black peppercorns and sweet cloves. The silky, long-lasting dry finish is intensely rich with warming, woody spices.

'Andrés Brugal' Sipping Rum

“Quintessentially Dominican flavours combine to create an extraordinary liquid of astounding character that pushes the boundaries of discovery. With a touch of sweetness on the nose, and a well-rounded, long-lasting mouthfeel, this full-bodied rum is a true celebration of the distinctive flavours of Puerto Plata.” says Jassil Villanueva Quintana.

Brugal and the Dominican Republic’s youngest and first ever female master of rum, Jassil’s vast knowledge of the casks around her is revealed in the incredible array of local flavours unlocked in this rare bottling. Andrés Brugal is equal parts personal tribute to the treasures of her homeland of Puerto Plata and reverence for all she has learned from the generations before her.

The family spending some time together

A staple of the Brugal family heritage, maestros are encouraged to pursue their own journey to bring out the very best of Brugal rum, progressively building on the accomplishments of their predecessors in a never-ending voyage of discovery that began with founder Don Andrés.

Settling in the Dominican Republic after journeying from Spain and Cuba, Don Andrés Brugal founded Brugal in 1888 with his sons. They cultivated sugar cane first and then began to distill rum, harnessing the warmth of the tropical sun to cask-age and imbue their spirit with complexity and flavor.

Don Andrés then set sail once again to share the very best of Dominican rum with the world, and each successive generation of Maestros has since followed in his footsteps. They mastered the nuanced art of cask selection and ageing, which led to the brand’s signature double ageing technique and use of Bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks.

'Andrés Brugal' Sipping Rum

This exclusive release is bottled in a limited-edition, hand-blown crystal decanter and presented in a bespoke display cabinet inspired by the iconic traveling cases earlier Maestros used in their voyages. Rendered from American oak, its exterior surfaces are etched with an iconic diamond pattern redolent of the netting that surrounds many of Brugal’s bottles – a symbol of the need to protect precious cargo.

Skilful joinery unfurls beautifully: twin segments fold down to reveal the hand-blown crystal decanter secreted within, and a sea of surrounding mirrored surfaces create a halo of reflected light that illuminates the rum’s rich amber liquid. These surfaces are subtly etched with a map of the world, symbolic of Brugal’s journey of excellence that began with the first journey of Don Andrés’ from Spain to the Caribbean.

134 years later, the legacy continues in an endless pursuit of perfection. Andrés Brugal is the first of several ultra-premium releases anticipated from the legacy rum brand in the coming years.


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