ron roble sabemos vivir premium rum venezuela

No.1 Wine & Spirits (W&S) of Sweden has confirmed that an international multi-market distribution agreement has been signed with the multiple award-winning premium Venezuelan rum Ron Roble.

ron roble premium rum venezuela sabemos vivir

The story of Ron Roble begins with a dream by four friends to create a Venezuelan rum that would become a standard of reference all over the world. After ageing their rums for over a decade in the central region of Venezuela, the friends launched the brand in 2013 and started to export in 2017, with a presence now in more than 14 markets worldwide. The focus on quality means that Ron Roble is produced in limited batches that are bottled only when deemed to be perfectly matured as exceptional rums.

Giorgio Melis is the Maestro Ronero of Ron Roble, a Master Rum Blender with more than 50 years of experience and a tireless quest for excellence to create exceptional rums. Giorgio has been involved in the production of Venezuelan rums since graduating from the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1966 and his continued efforts to create rums of real quality have resulted in multiple awards for Ron Roble across major international competitions.

ron roble premium rum venezuela sabemos vivir Giorgio Melis maestro ronero
Ron Roble Maestro Ronero, Giorgio Melis

From 2022, No.1 Wine & Spirits will be representing Ron Roble premium rum internationally, looking to expand across multiple markets covering North America, UK and Europe, Middle East and Asia, as well as Global Travel Retail, whilst working in partnership with existing distributors where appropriate.

Robert Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, at No.1 Wine & Spirits Ltd (UK), said: “I am delighted to be bringing the Ron Roble premium rum range into our portfolio. Having lived in Venezuela, I know first-hand the passion and care that goes into each bottle produced of this outstanding rum.”

François Boccalandro, Director and Co-Founder of Ron Roble Viejo, said: “Ron Roble is very excited about the opportunities that this new alliance brings and I look forward to seeing our premium Venezuelan rum into more markets and into the hands of new consumers through our partnership with No.1 Wine & Spirits.

“Ron Roble is a rum to be enjoyed, to be shared with others as a sipping rum or in luxury cocktails, and it represents the spirit of those who know how to live life, as we would say, Sabemos Vivir.” François Boccalandro

ron roble premium rum venezuela sabemos vivir
Ron Roble premium rum range

Ron Roble premium rum originates from the Yaracuy State in central Venezuela, with its privileged climate and fertile valleys. As a result, sugar cane of outstanding quality is grown and this allows for the production of molasses with low minerality, that are used as the base for the rum production. These molasses are fermented for a short period of time with the use of carefully selected yeasts, before a five column distillation process is used. Only the heart of the distillation is kept whilst discarding the heads and tails, producing a clear distillate, low in congeners and ready for the maturation process.

The maturation is perhaps the most import aspect of the Ron Roble production process, due to the use of traditional ageing methods and keeping to the premise that excellence takes time.

The maturation process has no shortcuts and Ron Roble is matured without the replenishment of losses caused by the evaporation of the alcohol in the barrels (the angel’s share) and without the use of a solera process.

This traditional maturation approach for Ron Roble provides it with its defining amber colour, alongside with complexity, structure and the aromas of its rums.

The first Controlled Origin Denomination (D.O.C.) for Rum was established in Venezuela in 2003, certifying the origin and quality of its rums. All D.O.C. Ron de Venezuela rums must be aged for a minimum of 2 years in oak casks, made from Venezuelan sugar cane (molasses) and have an alcohol content between 40% and 50% abv. Ron Roble is proud to be a part of the D.O.C. Ron de Venezuela.

Rob Cooper No.1 W&S
Rob Cooper, CEO of No.1 Wine & Spirits Ltd

No.1 Wine & Spirits is an independent spirits private company from Sweden. The Ron Roble premium rum range from Venezuela will become part of its portfolio of products including the No.1 Premium Gin of Sweden range, the No.1 Premium Vodka of Sweden range, the Ströms Punsch Swedish liqueur, and the No.1 Old Caribbean Spiced Rum range including White Spiced Rum, Exotic Flavoured Rum and Dark Spiced Rum.

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Ron Roble premium rum range:

  • Ron Roble Maestro: a brand new rum released for 2022. Aged for a minimum of 6 years in American ex-bourbon casks. Tasting Notes: on the palate, it presents itself as dry, smooth with notes of caramel and vanilla and a medium to long finish.
  • Ron Roble Extra Anejo: Aged for a minimum of 8 years without replenishment of losses in American ex-Bourbon casks. Contains our best reserves, aged between 8 to 12 years old. Tasting Notes: on the palate, notes of caramel, vanilla and dried nuts with an elegant body and a long, fresh finish.
  • Ron Roble Ultra Anejo: A single vintage limited edition rum. Aged for 12 years under the traditional maturation method, in American ex-Bourbon casks and also Pedro Ximenez (PX) Sherry casks. Tasting notes: gentle, with a slight sweet note of wood and red fruits followed by subtle note of prunes. Full bodied and smooth with an intense and long finish.
  • Ron Roble Zafra: a 15 year old single vintage rum with a limited production of only 1,000 per edition, each certified by the Ron Roble Maestro Ronero, Giorgio Melis. This product is a careful selection of only the ten best oak casks for each vintage, bottled and presented in a stunning 1.75L bottle. Tasting Notes: on the palate, it is soft and gentle giving way to a slightly sweet start followed by notes of red fruits, orange peel and walnuts. It provides a long and intense finish.

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