Grosperrin Cognac

Maison Villevert has confirmed the acquisition of a majority stake in Cognac Grosperrin, considered as the benchmark in France for vintage cognac famed for rare and small batch casks and exceptional lots.

The investment illustrates Maison Villevert’s continued march forward strengthening their position as leader of ultra premium spirit production in France and intention to balance the white and brown spirits within their portfolio.

Grosperrin Cognac
 Both companies will maintain existing routes to market with Grosperrin continuing to service customers. Maison Villevert will study opportunities via their robust international distribution network.
This acquisition follows that of Celtic Whiskey Distillerie in 2020 showcasing another example of how the independent French spirits producer invests with integrity with the aim to add their support to strengthen brands with incredible history and identity and develop a partnership that is greater than the sum of its parts; an approach evident across their growing family of spirit brands.

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet
Jean-Sébastien Robicquet

“Maison Villevert shares the same unique history and passion for Cognac’s regional heritage and our partnership initiatives a real drive to grow our brown spirit repertoire by progressing further into the world of ultra-premium cognacs” says Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, founder and director of Maison Villevert.

“The synergies between our two houses are obvious and will allow us to develop our activities both in France and abroad and work together in the creation of an exclusive range of French spirits.”

“I admire and respect the high standards of Guilhem Grosperrin and the work accomplished by his family over the past thirty years and Guilhem Grosperrin will remain at the helm of the eponymous company”.

Grosperrin Cognac
 Created and founded by Jean Grosperrin in 1992, today Grosperrin Cognac is the only remaining cognac house based in Saintes while all others are around Cognac or Jarnac. This privileged location sits between the terroirs of Fins Bois and Borderies and adds further uniqueness to this exceptional House.
Since 2004 Grosperrin has been managed by his son Guilhem who continues the family legacy to highlight the Charente heritage.

“Maison Villevert is reinventing the world of spirits while preserving the values of excellence, respect for the identity of heritage and know-how. Values that we share and that we defend. It took me years to find THE right partner, able to add value to our work, while giving us the opportunity to strengthen our sourcing” Guilhem Grosperrin.

Commenting on what the future holds Grosperrin adds; “Cognac Grosperrin is now at a turning point in its history, old stocks are scarce and prices are soaring.  Our inclusion in the Maison Villevert family allows us the possibility of consolidating and perpetuating over time this family project that I have been carrying for almost 20 years and together we shall continue selecting and ageing exceptional cognacs and offer examples of true reflections of their original terroirs and of unique familiar histories”.


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