Hailing from Scotland’s capital, J.G. Thomson & Co’s first collection of small batch spirits includes a bold Jamaican rum, a citrus dry gin, three blended malt Scotch whiskies featuring Sweet, Smoky and Rich expressions, and two limited edition aged whiskies – one a 23 year-old blended malt, the other a 1972 blended grain.

J.G. Thomson & Co takes its name from an 18th-century wine and spirits merchant once based in Leith in the 1700s, a time when trade ships were bringing new and exciting goods into Edinburgh. At the time, the savvy Thomson family became renowned for selecting some of these new spirits being brought in and introducing them to their discerning customers in Edinburgh, and to the wider world.

J.G. Thomson & Co is being launched by The Artisanal Spirits Company, which owns the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and is building a portfolio of premium brands and curating collections of craft spirits.

All of J.G. Thomson & Co’s spirits are crafted creatively in small batches, with simple ingredients and complex flavours. It includes a core range of three small batch blended malt whiskies, featuring Sweet, Smoky and Rich expressions.

With a focus on combining characterful spirit with high-quality casks, the blending team at J.G. Thomson & Co works closely with selected partner cooperages to either procure specific casks, or to create their own customised casks, toasted and charred to defined standards.

In addition to its core range, J.G. Thomson & Co is launching with the first two batches in a series of limited edition whiskies; a rich, complex 23-year-old blended malt Scotch whisky made of 100% Speyside malts; and a sweet 1972 blended grain Scotch whisky bringing notes of honey, wax and ginger on the nose.

On top of its whisky portfolio, J.G. Thomson & Co is releasing the first batch of its bold Jamaican rum which is 100% pot-stilled, and its first batch of citrus dry gin, which boasts aromas of orange, juniper and coriander on the nose.

All of J.G. Thomson & Co’s small batch spirits are available to order from jgthomson.com/shop as well as ​​a range of leading whisky shops, bars and restaurants.

Emily Coyle from J.G. Thomson & Co, said: “Just like the Thomsons did in the 1700s, we’re constantly on the hunt for new spirits, flavours and tastes to explore from around the world, whether that’s handpicking whisky in Scotland or rum in Jamaica.”

“By focusing on creating small batches and limited editions, we want to explore different tastes and take full advantage of the opportunity to experiment, innovate, marry, blend, discover and learn.” Emily Coyle

“We believe there is a growing appetite for exceptional spirits among adventurous drinkers who are looking to taste something new and extraordinary. All our spirits are made using traditional methods such as small batch distillation, non-chill filtering and natural colour to focus entirely on taste and take people on a journey of discovery.”


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