Jeanine gin was born from a friendship between two people from the city of Liège in Belgium. It is the result of a beautiful collaboration combining the love of good products, local production and eco-responsibility. The gin is made with three main ingredients: juniper berries, cocoa and vanilla. The refined cocoa is sourced from Didier Smeets chocolatier and the vanilla from Les Délices de Madagascar.

The product is truly Liégeois and this is the reason for working with local artisanal companies to source their ingredients for the gin production. This is a Belgian artisanal gin with natural flavours, in particular the cocoa, which comes through strongly on the nose and palate.

As Julien Vos, one of the co-founders of Jeanine gin says “We liked to meet at the table to taste products and recipes of all kinds. It was by creating, tasting and multiplying the experiences around liquors that we came up with the idea of ​​launching our own product. We put our ideas, our desires and ambitions on the table to create a unique product of its kind. The good thing about this kind of project is that it gives us the opportunity to express more than a product.”
“It’s also an opportunity to display another way of doing things that we think is more appropriate in our current times. Enough talk, time for tasting!” Julien Vos

I had the opportunity to sample Jeanine distilled gin recently whilst taking part in the 2021 Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in Brussels, during the Belgian distillers evening when we had the opportunity to sample a vast selection of local products.

The Jeanine distilled gin has not yet made its way to UK shores, however if you are interested to know more or want to find out where it is available, you should get in touch with the Jeanine Distilled Gin team on [email protected]

The gin is produced at dr Clyde distillery, a small artisanal distillery at Rte de Coo 70, 4980 Trois-Ponts, Belgium.


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