Rare Whisky 101 co-founders Andy Simpson and David Robertson have once again released their full year report for 2020, revealing the state of the UK’s whisky auction market.

Rare Whisky 101 operates as whisky analysts, broker and investment experts. Their annual reports and half yearly reviews report and provide commentary on bottles of Scotch whisky only (and does not include any reference to casks or new make spirit as an investment) whereby key brands are compared and trends are highlighted in these in-depth reports.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, the positive news is that rare whisky makes a strong ‘V’ shaped recovery, as highlighted by the Rare Whisky 101 report. Additionally, the average value has continued to follow the trend with another increase vs. previous years.

The full 2020 Rare Whisky 101 Report (and previous ones also), with lots of information, data and insights including predictions for 2021, click here to access the report.

“Whatever the future holds for bottles of rare whisky as a pool-of-value, the pandemic has shown us that physical assets have become ever more popular.” Andy Simpson and David Robertson

Andy Simpson and David Robertson from Rare Whisky 101

The Macallan brand continues to dominate the secondary market with a volume share of almost 19% (below) and a value share of almost 43%.


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