The number of English Whisky Distilleries continues to grow and there are now 33 distilleries in place. Across England, the English whisky distilleries are trialling a range of grains, yeast strains and fermentation periods. There is variation in the type and size of cask used for maturation, and in the type of still being used to produce the new-make spirit.

The map is provided courtesy of Cooper King Distillery – here is a link to the map.

Previous Inside the Cask blog post from May 2020 on the 24 English Whisky Distilleries operational at the time.

Cooper King Distillery founders Abbie Neilson and Chris Jaume

Notes on the map from Cooper King Distillery:

The London Distillery Co. was the first of the new wave of English whisky distilleries to close, having gone into administration in January 2020.

Technically, Hicks and Healey is not a distillery, but the name given to the partnership between St Austell Brewery and Healey’s Cyder Farm. They are included here as they have produced, and are still producing, some very tasty single malt whiskey (with an intentional ‘e’ used in the spelling of whisky).



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