Made in the heart of Essex at a small batch distillery started up by two friends – Charles Handbridge and Mike Tyler – this London Dry Gin is where it all started for C&M Distilling Ltd.

Founders Mike and Charles with their Sloe Gin Limited Edition

The two friends started their business in March 2020 with one simple goal: to make great tasting spirits. They have both worked in the industry for a long time and this is how I first met them.

They were fortunate enough to spend loads of time in distilleries across the UK and Europe, gaining an understanding of the process of distilling and in the process, creating the seed of the idea for their own business. After some time distilling for personal consumption, they started creating spirits and Charles & Mike Distilling Ltd was born.

Their products are produced in small batches in a copper column still and hand crafted with every production, from hand filling the bottles to labelling as you’d expect from a micro distillery. They have made a number of very successful limited releases (all sold out!) such as a Raspberry Liqueur, a Habanero & Lime Gin and a Sloe Gin.

where the magic happens for C&M Distilling….

Big Seven London Dry Gin is where it all started for C&M Distilling and the gin is a zesty, punchy floral affair for fans of a real London Dry Gin. Why Big Seven? Juniper berries are complemented by 6 other botanicals: Cassia Bark, Chamomile, Grapefruit Peel, Bay Leaf, Lemongrass & Angelica Root.

All of these combine to give you a complex gin which is a hard hitter with a strong start, a zesty middle which cuts through tonic beautifully and finishes with a warm floral note.

Big Seven is a complex and well balanced gin with the Juniper coming through strongly as you’d expect in this London Dry Gin. The Lemongrass and Grapefruit Peel ensure the taste of the gin is light and citrusy throughout and the Bay Leaf keeps it fresh. Chamomile gives a beautiful long lasting floral finish with Angelica Root and Cassia Bark keeping the whole taste warm and rich throughout.

Big Seven makes a strong and hearty G&T. Charles and Mike suggest that the citrusy warmth pairs it beautifully with a Campari in a Negroni but where they think it really shines is in the daddy of all cocktails – a Martini.

A Dry Martini cocktail

Top Tip: Dirty the Martini with a peated whisky to really bring it to life. You can try it for yourself by buying a bottle of Big Seven at their own online store – click here.

The Traditional Gin & Tonic



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