This limited edition is made in Campbeltown in the Mull of Kintyre, the original whisky capital of Scotland, and the single malt comes from Glen Scotia Distillery. Matured in first fill bourbon barrels, this expression is then finished in a combination of first fill Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry hogsheads, accentuating the fruit characters whilst giving the unpeated spirit a rich velvety mouthfeel, to add to the traditional maritime Glen Scotia character. Bottled at a natural cask strength of 54.1% abv, this limited edition release is presented at natural colour, free from chill filtration.

On the nose, you have spiced rum, juicy plum, toffee and citrus peel. On the palate, a rich velvety mouthfeel, sweet vanilla and salted butter. Raisins and sultanas with warming spice of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, with a long, nutty dry finish.

“Sherry comes from Andalucia, in southern Spain, and casks which have previously held the wine have been used in the maturation of whisky for nearly 200 years. Due to the extensive trade between Scotland and Jerez, it would have been a common site to see many such casks on the harbourside in Campbeltown.” Dave Broom, Spirits Writer

Oloroso, is a full-bodied, dry, fortified wine made from the Palomino grape. It has a rich, dark ruby colour and flavours of walnut, dried fruit, roasted spices, and Seville orange. Older examples have flavours of truffles and leather. Maturing/finishing a whisky in an oloroso cask will allow flavours such as these to be absorbed into the spirit.

Pedro Ximenez is a much sweeter style of sherry made from grapes of the same name that have been dried in the sun, concentrating the sugar levels. Casks which have previously held PX will tend to impart more raisin, fig, chocolate, and coffee flavours into the whisky.”

Sampling Glen Scotia casks at the dunnage warehouse

Campbeltown itself used to have a distillery on every corner, nigh on every inhabitant involved in its creation and boats queuing in the port to carry off casks, thus it was known as the whisky capital of the world. Down through the years, all that knowledge, experience, craft and whisky passion has been distilled into Glen Scotia, an exquisite example of the classic, maritime Campbeltown style.

For reference: The Distilleries of Campbeltown



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