Most recently, I have taken part in the Uncorked Batch 12 podcast on ‘Whisky in Cinema’ by That Boutique-y whisky Company, hosted by Sam Simmons and David Worthington, with guests Georgie Bell, Curtis MacEachern and myself having some fun and playing the anadram games related to films.

I have also joined for the first time an Instagram Live session (in Portuguese) with Whisky Capital in Brazil, talking about the experience of living in Scotland as a Brazilian, and working in the Scotch whisky industry.

Delighted to have finally managed to watch the whisky film ‘Amber Light’ by Dave Broom and director Adam Park, with live commentary as part of the Director’s Half Cut from both of them and with a tasting pack for a drink along screening, purchased from Royal Mile Whiskies in Edinburgh.

As always, I have continued to watch the following live streams on a weekly basis:

Plus I have continued to catch up when possible with Live streams, such as some of the following ones below via Facebook, YouTube and Instagram – this is just a small fraction of everything that has been available over the last few weeks:

On the subject of Virtual Whisky Festivals, the Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival that took place on Saturday 30th May (12:30-22:00) was a particular highlight of the quarantine period and a great innovation by Dan and the team at Summerton Whisky Club.

Next up, I am looking forward to the Southport Whisky Festival from 23rd to 26th July 2020, with a different virtual whisky festival format (my bottles have already arrived), but just as interesting I am sure!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

For Reference from Inside the Cask:


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