I have started the Introduction to Whisky Certificate course provided by the Edinburgh Whisky Academy (EWA) online. This is a SQA-certified online course exploring the fundamentals of whisky across eight modules. Education is an important aspect to be developed for those of us interested about Scotch whisky, and I wanted to start exploring what is available out there online – from beginner level to more advanced.

Anyone can undertake the course with no prior whisky knowledge required. The course was launched originally in 2019 by the EWA and was aimed at beginners. Even better, there is an offer on at the moment with the course priced at £84/US$105 (normally £120/US$150).

Once the set up is completed with the registration online, you are good to go and that is exactly what I did this evening, going through the 1st module on Historical Development of Scotch whisky. This is an area of real interest to me and it was fascinating to learn some new facts in order to face the short quiz at the end of the module.

Next modules on my list will be the Business of Whisky, Raw Materials and Production Process. The remaining modules are:

  • Batch Distillation

  • Maturation

  • Bottling

  • Grain Distillation & Blending

  • Assessment

Once completed, there is an option to take the formal assessment and gain the SQA Certificate (Scottish Qualifications), which incurs an additional charge of £180 (US$225) and is undertaken at an exam centre.


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