The sheer amount of online content being made available at the moment, means that I already have plenty more examples to share of activities and learning undertaken within just one week!

Firstly, it was a real pleasure to watch two legends from within the Scotch whisky industry – Dr. Bill Lumsden and Richard Paterson – taking part in the WhiskyCast Conversation on Wednesday 6th May evening, hosted by Mark Gillespie. To watch it in full, click here for the link.

I have also continued to watch on Instagram the content provided by Rojita Tiwari – pictured below with Alexandre Vingtier – of Drinks & Destinations – including Robin Robinson (on whiskey); Alexandre Vingtier (on rum & cognac); Arthur Nagele (on gin) and finally this Sunday to complete the Super Six Series, Rodrigo Flores (on Chilean Pisco).

Aside from just learning online, I have also joined another whisky tasting session hosted by Felipe Schrieberg via Zoom on Friday evening last week with the scotch whiskies once again curated by the Dram Team. Felipe has already surpassed the milestone of entertaining over 500 guests virtually in 32 days – from whisky geeks to complete beginners. If interested to find out more click here.

I have also been catching up on the reading with the books previously ordered – personally, I have always enjoyed reading multiple books at once. The latest additions to the reading list are below:

  • The Rise and Fall of Pattisons Whisky of Leith by Jim Brown and Louis Reps (pictured below)
  • Unfiltered magazine (issue number 47) from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society
  • Booklet on High Coast Distillery by Hellenic Malt Whisky Society and – click here for link

Moving down south, I have really enjoyed to watch the quarantine content coming out of my home country, Brazil. Aside from the huge amount of ‘Live’ music shows being streamed for free to raise funds for charity, Portuguese speakers are also being spoiled by choice with the number of ‘Live’ events being made available online, from Single Malt Brasil and Caledonia Whisky & Co in particular.

The latest events this week included a conversation with Gianpaolo Morselli on The Macallan and the Luxury market in Brazil. Typically these events take place in the evening so I have to watch the repeats the following day due to the time difference. It was good to see Gianpaolo again as I met him when he was last visiting Scotland and its scotch distilleries not too long ago.

This Sunday, I watched the Single Malt Brasil conversation with Paula Limongi – aka ‘Destilady’ – talking about women, whisky and also whisky brands from Beam Suntory. Sounds like the people of Brazil and the city of Recife in particular really love their whisky!

I also watched on Instagram Live this Sunday evening, a session courtesy of Mauricio Porto and Alexandre Tito from Whisky Rio, talking about the Whisky Market in Brazil and globally.

Finally, I am also still catching up with other online content such as the previous content by Roy from Aqvavitae on the vPub Live session including the one below on Campbeltown:

Also watched the Cask 88 Lock-In Series by Sam Laing, such as Episode 3 below with Micky Plummer from Mackmyra, Dave Worthington from That Boutique-y Whisky Company and performer Daniel Taylor.

For reference – also available are Lock-In Episode 1 (featuring Rachel McCormack, Felipe Schrieberg and Mark Thomson) and Episode 2 (featuring George Grant and Dean Jode).

On Facebook Live, I watched European Brand Ambassador, Claire Tesh, interviewing Master Distiller, Robert Fleming (pictured above), at his home in Speyside, just down the road from Tomintoul Distillery. Robert is celebrating 30 years at Tomintoul.

There are a few events coming up that I am planning to participate in such as:

  • London Whisky Club Raasay Virtual Tasting Wednesday 3rd June (8pm)

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

For Reference from Inside the Cask:


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