Beer, Wine and Spirits companies have joined efforts to fight back against the Covid-19 coronavirus by supporting their communities worldwide in a variety of different ways, such as shifting their focus to supplying alcohol and the production of hand sanitiser to help with the global shortage.

One such example comes from independent distiller, The Loch Lomond Group, who have completed production of its first batch of hand sanitiser with deliveries across the country. The Group has already started working with Fareshare Scotland, who will ensure onward distribution to those who need it most in our society, helping to support Scotland’s most vulnerable people in tackling coronavirus. Another example comes from BrewDog who have produced hand sanitiser and been very open in sharing their efforts online including their learnings.

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) is helping coordinate the efforts in Scotland by also highlighting distillers making hand sanitiser or providing ethanol; distillers who need ingredients to produce hand sanitiser; companies who can supply materials, packaging or distribution; and organisations who need ethanol or hand sanitiser.

Likewise Gin Distilleries throughout the UK are joining in the efforts and also helping by producing hand sanitiser, some examples pictured below…

The Scottish Gin Society has also been helping coordinate the sharing of information on distilleries producing hand sanitisers.

All around the world distillers and breweries, drinks companies large and small have joined in and helped in any way possible – the sample pictured below is just a small one….hopefully soon we can look back at this difficult time and enjoy a drink together face to face with friends!

And the campaign to support the communities includes other initiatives, such as those helping the On Trade and many people who would usually be working in the bars, restaurants and other locations where drink products are sold….

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