The masses have been responding to the covid-19 corona virus threat by stripping supermarket aisles bare and stockpiling ahead of the enforced period of quarantine at home.

picture: Watford Observer

Initially, it was the panic buying of toilet loo rolls, dried foods such as pasta, hand sanitiser and medicines.

picture: AFP
picture: Getty Images

The supermarkets have asked for customers to be considerate to others (see letter below) and not to stockpile, unfortunately too many have not listened to this message in the UK, depriving those people who are most vulnerable, such as the elderly and key workers, such as frontline medical staff.

Now this ‘locust’ type behaviour is impacting on other product categories with even alcoholic drinks being affected….especially now that bars, restaurants and clubs have been ordered to close by the government. We have truly reached the pandemonium stage of this pandemic!

Picture: The Scottish Sun

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