I recently discovered Cheaper by The Dram and they claim to have sourced some of the finest rare and collectable whiskies, but none of these whisky bottles are for sale to customers looking for a potential investment. In fact, their sole aim is to share the cost of these expensive bottles across as many customers as possible for no other purpose other than drinking them!

That is right, they believe that whisky is for drinking. That is why they are encouraging people to drink whisky rather than simply flipping it, which would otherwise make these bottles inaccessible to the average drinker. The #SipDon’tFlip campaign thus begun…

How does it work? Simple, four steps as described below. Note that all the drams sold by Cheaper By The Dram have been bottled in Scotland at a fully licensed bottling facility. If you have any questions at all about any of their drams, then please contact them directly: [email protected]

Cheaper By The Dram was started by Mark Littler in order to bring whisky back to the drinker, two bottles at a time. He wanted to share those hard to access and/or expensive whisky bottles with as many people as possible, hence Cheaper By The Dram was born.

“Cheaper By The Dram is my attempt to bring whisky back to its original audience: the drinker. It has been created by whisky drinkers, for whisky drinkers.” Mark Littler

Want a second opinion? Check out these videos…

Another option is to attend some of the Whisky Shows for older whiskies where you can also buy them by the dram – such as The Whisky Exchange’s Old & Rare Whisky Show that takes place annually (picture below from the last time I was at the show).

For reference – Inside the Cask: ‘Having Fun at the Old & Rare Whisky Show’


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