There is a new entrant in the Amaretto category aiming to disrupt and bring some 21st century attitude to a very staid category dominated by Disaronno. This liqueur from Puglia is 100% natural with only ingredients “made in Italy”.

The founder is Jean-Robert Bellanger and his aim is to ‘rejuvenate’ the sweet Italian liqueur with this new product. His vision was a simple one, to create a natural amaretto, toasted and pure and his research eventually took him to Puglia in Italy and the filippo cea, the almonds of Apulia.

“All the credit goes to my Italian mother, who made me discover this liqueur by preparing my favourite dessert, tiramisù, with two drops of amaretto.” Jean-Robert Bellanger

There is in fact two products being launched under the ‘Amaretto Adriatico‘ brand, the original version ‘Roasted Almonds’ at 28% ABV is accompanied by a second ‘Crushed Almonds’ Bianco at 16% ABV (focused on almond milk and lactose free) – both of which are detailed below.

In terms of the production process, after being harvested by hand, the almonds of Apulia are roasted for a long time before being macerated and distilled. It is also worth noting that cane sugar is used to a lesser extent than in conventional Amaretto, since it is only half the usual dosage.

There is probably nothing that signals your arrival in Puglia more than the iconic sight of a trullo, these unique conical constructions of a special shape. Trulli have been around for many hundreds of years and this is one of the two symbols incorporated into the bottle and label of Amaretto Adriatico.

The other symbol is the almond, so important to the local agriculture. The shape of the bottle is also inspired by medieval architecture through the Castel del Monte, a 13th-century citadel and castle situated on a hill in Andria in the Apulia region of southeast Italy and built in the 1240’s.


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