Gautom Menon is the founder & chief brand officer for Wild Tiger Rum from India and he has decided to drive over 25,000 Kms from India to France in order to raise awareness for tiger conservation as less than 4,000 tigers still remain in their natural habitat. The journey started at Kerala on 29th July, also known as Wild Tiger Day. Pictured above are Wild Tiger’s Brand Creative Head Paul George Vedanayagam (on the left) and Founder and Chief Brand Officer Gautom Menon at the start of their marathon trip.

The full itinerary for the trip taking over 65 days and ending in Cannes, France can be seen below. The Roar Trip website can be accessed by clicking here.

Wild Tiger Rum is India’s very first Premium Rum, made with an exotic blend and exquisite packaging. Its predominantly a column distilled Molasses spirit which is aged in charred American Oakwood casks and blended with a portion of pure cane spirit.

I first came across this ‘crazy’ idea a while back during a Duty Free trade event when Gautom mentioned it and I have to say that to see it come to reality, just demonstrates how entrepreneurial a character he is. Fortunately for me, I was in Warsaw with work when he came roaring past and managed to join him and Paul on the way to Budapest, for a small part of his journey.

They picked me up from Warsaw Airport in Poland and we made our way to Budapest in Hungary, via Krakow and passing through Slovakia.

Eventually we arrived in Budapest and I look forward to seeing them again next in Cannes, France for their much anticipated arrival alongside members of the Duty Free industry, all of which are supporting this fantastic initiative.




For reference Ten Easy Pieces: Meet Mr Wild Tiger, the ‘rum-tastic’ Gautom Menon


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