The excellent Gin Foundry site has once again released its annual Ginfographic for 2019, based on answers provided by 3,242 visitors from across the world during 2018, but mainly from the three key gin markets: the UK, America and Australia.

This is one of the most comprehensive surveys of the Gin landscape and it is now in its 5th year.

All of the information is available on their Gin Foundry website, the home of gin and a celebration of the category. They also produce a Gin Annual book – to buy a copy of the latest issue available click on this link.

Answers to questions such as the one above on whether gin drinkers expect to be asked for which gin brand they’d prefer, are provided with added commentary on the Gin Foundry website – for example:

Oh what a discerning bunch you are. The shift in these numbers over the years shouldn’t come as too great a surprise. Can you remember the last time you’ve gone into even your worst local boozer and not been offered a choice, albeit even just between Gordon’s and Tanqueray? We certainly can’t.

The ‘Always’ numbers are growing from year to year in the Ginfographic – a sure sign if ever we’ve seen one that bar staff are probably some of the most intuitive among us. Gin is something people are passionate about, be that flavour or story. Whether you want to support a local distillery that you love or just get a fistful of your favourite flavours in your mouth, a whopping 71% of you now expect to be given that choice at all times.

The take home? The challenge has been set for those in the bar trade to deal with that expectation and train staff about how to handle it, whilst also factoring in the time it takes to deliver a drink given any given order now involves a  two way conversation. More knowledge requirements, with longer interaction time makes for a unique set of issues on a busy shift and with the trend only increasing each year – one the industry must adapt to whether they like it or not…

The full Ginfographics 2019 insights can be found by clicking here.

Additionally, the team at Gin Foundry has also looked at the difference in responses from across its main gin markets: the UK, America and Australia.

For example, the preference for a G&T as Gin’s favourite cocktail varies country by country from the UK (62.3%) to America (34.4%) as per the infographic below.

For the full analysis from Gin Foundry country by country click here.


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