Ncn’ean Distillery (pronounced Nook-knee-anne) is Scotland’s first fully organic and sustainable whisky distillery and they are currently making available to purchase whisky casks to 60 members of the public – giving them the opportunity to own one of the first barrels.

Each cask is filled with the 63% ABV spirit, holding 195-220 litres, which the distillery expects to result in over 300 bottles. The barrels are priced between £3,000 – £4,400, depending on the selected cask type. All details are available at the end of this blog post.

This young, independent farm distillery designed by the late Jim Swan uses 100% renewable energy and will be eventually creating a scotch whisky that will be light, fruity and interestingly, certified organic – something still fairly unique within Scotland. 

Annabel Thomas (pictured below) is the Founder and CEO of Ncn’ean distillery, based on the remote community of Drimnin on the west coast of Scotland.

The company behind the project – Ncn’ean Distillery Limited (formerly known as Drimnin Distillery Limited) – was founded in 2013 by the Lewis family on the Drimnin Estate on the Morvern peninsula. The distillery company, which is separate from the Estate, has a number of private shareholders and is run on a day to day basis by its CEO Annabel Thomas. After planning and fundraising, the project was completed and the distillery started operating from early 2017.

Their first bottled whisky will be ready in 2020 and Ncn’ean Distillery is offering 60 people the chance to buy a barrel of their scotch whisky this year. Prices start from £3,000 for a barrel that will eventually give you over 300 bottles. For more details – click here or check the file below with more detailed information.

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