Courtesy of Drinks International magazine, the Millionaires’ Club list has been updated once again with those brands recording a volume of a million 9-liter cases or above. This wealth of information with data from Euromonitor International, was provided as a supplement to the magazine and also available to view online. It includes 153 brands, with every major spirits category having gained in volume in 2018, with whisky leading the way by adding an additional 10m cases.

The Tequila category has shown the biggest % growth in 2018, albeit from a small base, with the Spirits industry seeing an increase of 1.1% vs. previous year to 2.4bn 9-liter cases.

The Top 20 brands list can be seen on the table above, with Korea’s national drink Soju maintaining its top spot whilst Smirnoff vodka at number 5 is probably the highest placed of the best known brands internationally. However this also showcases how some brands can sell very high volumes in their own backyard, typically in emerging markets.

The full listing including all 153 brands and also the fastest growing and declining brands (table above) plus individual category performance and much more information and insight, can be found on the Drinks International website and available to download – click here.


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