Edinburgh based whisky-technology company Uisge Tech Ltd – trading as Craft Whisky Club has launched an industry-first platform to transform the way consumers buy single cask whisky.

Caskshare allows whisky lovers to reserve ‘shares’ of whisky casks from their favourite distilleries, choosing between a wide variety of wood types and ages as the whisky matures. Single cask bottles will then be sent directly to buyers upon maturation, or even traded between them on this new leading-edge technology platform.

Described as ‘crowdfunding for whisky’, the aim of Caskshare is to allow whisky-lovers the chance to experience different cask variations by lowering the financial barrier to cask-ownership.

Customers pre-order cask ‘shares’ from their distillery of choice via the Caskshare online platform. Cask ownership stays with the distillery where the spirit matures into whisky and until the ageing process is complete. Once ready for bottling, whisky allocations are bottled and distributed to ‘shareholders’.

The first casks to be featured on the Caskshare platform are from the trailblazing Raasay Distillery. The initial offering includes ex-Bourbon, Chinquapin virgin oak, and Bordeaux red-wine wine casks, giving customers the opportunity to experiment with several different finishes. There is peated and unpeated spirit on offer, with the first whisky cask listed on www.caskshare.io being bottled in 2022.

“We believe this is an industry-first that offers the opportunity to share a cask with others and allows us to share the story of our Raasay spirit.” Raasay Distillery Co-founder Alasdair Day

“Caskshare offers real choice, the opportunity to select bottles from our different oak and cask types filled with our unpeated and peated spirit matured for three to twelve years.”

Uisge Tech/Craft Whisky Club co-founder David Nicol created Caskshare with the aim of making single cask whisky more accessible to whisky fans across the globe.

“Caskshare offers whisky fans a way to get closer to their favourite distilleries and wood types. Reserving shares of a cask by the bottle allows consumers to discover and experience all of the cask expressions their favourite distilleries have to offer. What’s more, you don’t need to part with the vast sums of money required to purchase a full cask.”

Caskshare has attracted attention from several prominent whisky producers, with a number of new distilleries set to offer casks in the coming months. Craft Whisky Club will be featuring whisky from Scotland and beyond on the Caskshare platform, allowing customers to sample whiskies of different ages and finishes from the world’s old and new whisky regions.

For reference: Inside the Cask blog post – ‘How and Where to Buy a Cask of Scotch Whisky’

Note: This is a copy of a Press Release issued by the Craft Whisky Club


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