Once more, I have decided to look out for Duty Free Comparison websites available with the help of Google after looking at this back in 2016. It is a topic that I am approached again and again through the Inside the Cask website and I know there is a lot of interest from consumers out there…


For reference: Inside the Cask blog post ‘Googling for a Duty Free Price Comparison website’

The first step was simple, I googled the term ‘duty free price comparison’ and looked only at those websites available plus checked if the sites from 2016 were still available. The following is what I found…

Top find was Duty Free Addict. This site started back in 2012 and helps compare price for different airports (rather than against domestic), it is only focused on price and helps to explain more about tax and the potential benefits to consumers. An interesting feature is the ranking from least to most expensive airports based on product categories or even by brand. Note that I have not tested how accurate this information is, but a neat way to display price ranking information.

After the initial few pages on Google search, I could not find any other Duty Free Price Comparison websites. The following are the ones I could find elsewhere…

Dutyfreeway – is another website (see below) which seems to be from France although I had some issues navigating the site.

Another site available for price comparison is Dutyfreeonarrival.com which claims to be “the original global consumer information site for Duty Free and Tax-Free shopping”, with the website and database originally established in 2009.


As stated on their website: “We have no association with any other website offering such information or price comparison facilities for travelling shoppers. Our advice and comment is independent, with the intention of assisting shoppers to discover accurate and informed details, before they travel.”

However, arguably the most prominent duty free price comparison site now comes from Asia in the shape of Jessica’s Secret.

It has over 1 million users with 18,000 daily active users and growing rapidly by also working in tandem with selected Duty Free retailers.

For reference: The Moodie Davitt Report – ‘Interview: Cracking the duty free price comparison code – Jessica’s Secret CEO Mirko Wang’

Some websites are either no longer functional, ceased to exist or have not been ranked high enough when googling for ‘duty free comparison’:


If there are any other Duty Free price comparison websites out there – please contact me!

  • Hi Andre

    Hope you are well.

    I just came across this post on your blog and wanted to point out something to you regarding Duty Free Hunter.

    Your comment above that DFH is ‘focused on news items’ is not 100% correct – as you know we do have a blog and a newsletter which carries news on new products and store openings – but the vast bulk of our users go to the main home page of Duty Free Hunter http://www.dutyfreehunter.com to use the ‘search’ function.

    If you take a look, you will see we have a comprehensive database of all airport duty free shops and brand boutiques which interfaces with the international flight schedules – so with a couple of clicks a traveller can see exactly what stores will be along their route – and then they can shop direct, or research stock and prices via the retailers and brands. This covers departure, inflight and arrival shopping.

    Its simple and it works – and its also what travellers and retailers have told us they want! Currently we help over 300,000 travellers to plan their travel retail every month.

    Hope this helps! Love the blog, keep it up!

    all the best – Tony

    • I stand corrected Tony and will update the blog post! Thanks for the feedback.

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