Powered by India online travel agency Cleartrip, Amazon has begun offering domestic flights in India.

As reported by Skift, “Airlines such as Vistara UK, GoAir, SpiceJet, and Indigo were among the carriers offering flights through the service, which offered up to 2,000 rupees ($28.50) cash back on bookings. Amazon customers would see the rebate in their Amazon Pay balance within 48 hours, according to Amazon.”

The article on Skift reflects on the many potential benefits to Amazon of entering the travel business through partners in India, from making Amazon into a ‘superapp’ to building its advertising business within travel.

For reference – Skift Research examined the Amazon factor in travel in a report (requires subscription), Amazon: Lessons, Threats and Opportunities for Travel.

“E-commerce is no longer just about selling goods. A growing set of users are consuming services, so while Amazon knows what goods they buy, the company does not know how they consume offline-to-online services. This move will pave the way for Amazon to get access to this data.” Neil Shah, research director at Counterpoint Research

This increased ‘visibility’ by Amazon of our purchasing behaviour may be the real advantage here for the retailer, by having access to an even higher amount of data on our day to day buying decisions, whether of goods or services. This will allow them to further tailor their personalised offers and bundled content and services linked to Amazon Prime whilst increasing our dependence on Amazon…


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