This award winning gin comes from Nordic Gin House, a partnership between small, local distilleries and sommeliers, master distillers and mixologists from across Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

“In Europe alone, there are over 17,000 distilleries that produce gin and many of them with several brands in their bottling hall. We wanted to produce a gin, which was a tribute to Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. A city that is potent in many ways. ” Jakob Vallentin, CEO & Founder, Nordic Gin House

“With respect for the London Dry Gin history, København Klassisk Gin is a potent gin with one of the highest amounts of juniper. Balanced with coriander, angelica root, thyme, cardamom and something so distinct as pine and liquorice root. But most importantly: distilled with a very high quality of alcohol, which brought our product all the way to the field of high quality gin”

København is Danish for Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The premium bottle used for the København klassisk gin is inspired by traditional pharmacy bottles and more importantly, the liquid inside it does not disappoint.

København klassisk gin has an ABV of 46% and apparently it is created with one of the highest levels of juniper berries in the world, delivering a strong classic gin flavour. The micro vaporization in the distillation process extract all tastes and aromas from the carefully selected botanicals used. To complement it, the Gin Garnish Guide recommends Lemon Zest as the perfect garnish for this product.

Nordic Gin House was established in 2018 and their 4 unique small batch Nordic gins (pictured below) were launched in April 2018 in Denmark at the head office of their local distributor Drinx. The other gins complementing their portfolio are: Artic Blue, Bergslagens Organic and Oslo Gin (alongside København klassisk gin).


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