The expected 12% growth opportunity for the combined on and off-trade in the UK was revealed by the drinks giant in a new report released by Diageo GB looking at the key changes in the market over the last 10 years and future trends.

Dayalan Nayager, the Diageo GB MD for GB, Ireland & France, introduced the report – available to download at the end of this blog post – by highlighting how “consumer interest in the products they purchase and consume continues to gain pace across the UK and beyond. “

“As a result, repertoire is increasing, and traditional categories (spirits, beer, wine, cider) are being disrupted as consumers become increasingly likely to try new things. ” Dayalan Nayager

The Diageo Drinks Report highlights how Premiumisation continues to lead the way, with consumers drinking less but spending more on premium drinks. They are placing a greater emphasis on provenance of product and delivery of experience, both in and out of the home.

Spirits grew in 2018 by 7.4% in value to £11.1bn, and they have been outperforming the traditional beer and wine segments for a number of years now.

Outlining opportunities, the Diageo Drinks Report identifies four key growth platforms:

  • Balanced Choices (drinks choices to fit with all lifestyles including low and no alcohol)
  • Make the moment (capturing moments of socialising in and out of the home)
  • Exploration (tapping the increasing consumer thirst for trying new drinks)
  • Celebration (premium drinks to celebrate special times).

“Gone are the days of siloed consumer choices. These days, many consumers enter a supermarket, bar, restaurant or pub looking to be inspired, rather than with a predetermined choice. ” Dayalan Nayager

“Flavour opens up the conversation and allows us to engage people who wouldn’t usually think about drinking whisky.” Emma Walker, Diageo Master Blender & Whisky Specialist

The Diageo Drinks Report combines expertise and insight from Diageo GB’s category development team.

For reference: the full report can be downloaded by clicking the button below


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