As we move towards summer in the UK, no other retailer has benefited more from exposure on the media for its canned cocktail sales than Marks & Spencer (M&S)…

First it was the BBC comedy Fleabag by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, its star and creator. In the second series of the show aired in 2019, their gin in a tin was first featured in episode two, whilst Fleabag was hanging out with Andrew Scott’s priest in the back room of the church after a sermon.

Sales were immediately reported to have risen by 24% by M&S since the TV appearance of its Gin & Tonic pre-mixed canned cocktail

“This isn’t any G&T in a can, it’s an M&S G&T in a can… an absolute favourite with M&S customers, as well as the occasional vicar as seen recently on the hit show Fleabag.” M&S

More recently, a picture of the Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott breaking the law by drinking a can of M&S Mojito in a can was circulated on the internet.

Transport for London (TFL), during Boris Johnson’s time as mayor of the city, introduced an alcohol ban on all public transport in the UK capital in 2008. Diane Abbott was swift to apologise via Twitter for her oversight.

Once again, this exposure in the media and over the internet seems to have created a frenzy of demand with reported M&S stores being sold out of the product as a result, including the Labour MP’s constituency.

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