The Inside the Cask blog has been a passion of mine since its inception in 2016, and the number of visitors to the site and subscribers to the blog continues to grow. A big thank you to all my readers and followers out there. Here are the top 5 blog postings for 2018!

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Number 5 – 7 Drink Trends to watch in 2018

This post highlighted the 7 up and coming trends within the alcoholic beverages this year…

Number 4 – Your bottle of Japanese whisky may not be ‘whisky’ nor from Japan….

The popularity of Japanese whiskies has grown tremendously over the last few years and genuine Japanese whisky brands, such as Hibiki may have some of their products restricted in allocation or no longer available due to the limited quantity of mature stocks in the short term. This is a choice made by the brand owner to protect their image and the perception of the Japanese whisky category. However, are other brands and products claiming to be Japanese whisky, taking shortcuts and looking for loopholes to avoid the supply issue? Are you sure your bottle of Japanese whisky is really ‘whisky’ as you know it and 100% from Japan?

Number 3 – 6 Steps to find a Drinks industry job

There are few career paths more enticing than working in the Drinks Industry. Since the inception of the Inside the Cask blog, I have been contacted by numerous people about how to have the opportunity to work with beer, wine or spirits and pursuing it as a career. This question has come up again and again and I have decided to capture some of the advice given in the form of 6 steps below…

Number 2 – Top ‘Fictional’ Scotch whisky brands on TV and Films

From probably the most famous fictional scotch whisky brand, Glencallan, to others such as Glengoolie scotch whisky from the FX TV series ‘Archer’, these are just some of the many fake brands that have appeared on screen over the years. On Movies and TV shows they tend to be usually difficult to spot and generally only the region or the age is highlighted without mentioning a brand…here is a sample of the top fictional brands found using Scotch Cinema blog as the main source of material given that its founder, Curtis MacEachern, has been logging every dram appearance since 2011….

Number 1 – The differences between Scotch and Japanese whisky

This blog posting continues to remain extremely popular since its first airing in 2016. It has taken the top spot in 2016, 2017 and 2018 now. As we know, Japanese whiskies were first modelled on Scotch whiskies and are produced in much of the same way. However, despite both calling it ‘whisky’ (without the ‘e’ as per the Irish and Americans) there are differences in places….

However….the Latest Jobs page also continues to be incredibly popular, which I am delighted about as it helps those wanting to get back or get into the drinks industry. I hope quite a few people out there have found the jobs for them with a very small help from my side…the jobs page is visited regularly by a high numbers of visitors.


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