Olivier Ward and the team at Gin Foundry have once again released the results of their annual consumer survey on gin, having polled just under 4,000 visitors to their website during 2017. This is one of the most comprehensive surveys of the Gin landscape and now in its 4th year.

All of the information is available on their excellent Gin Foundry website, the home of gin and a celebration of the category. They also produce a Gin Annual book – to buy a copy of the latest issue available click on this link.

The survey was conducted online using questions such as the one below.

The resulting feedback on the question above and the Gin Foundry commentary from their website on the results can be found below:

Promiscuous purchasing based on looks or increased flavour knowledge?

“Take the “Always” out of the equation here as between name checking a brand or the interaction of being asked which gin you want, most will always have asked for the gin they receive one way or another. It’s the what you see VS what you remember the flavour to be and what you know you want to taste that’s interesting here. Now more than ever, it is clear that to sell you need good shelf presence, with the percentage increasing year on year.

People buy with their eyes and the key learning for bars is that decluttering and careful curation alongside savvy placement is key for good stock rotation. Only time will tell if more table service will mean that people shift their habits from a focus on bottle design to naming conventions and signature serves – but that’s a can of worms for an entire article which we’ll tackle another time!”

Other highlights from the consumer survey include:

  • How many gin cocktails are drunk per week
  • How many different brands of gin do they own
  • What is their favourite gin cocktail
  • On average, what do they expect to pay for a bottle of gin
  • Whether there should be a clearly defined criteria for craft gin
  • Which sub-category of gin they would like to see more of

I would recommend anyone with an interest in the Gin category to check out the Ginfographic 17/18 and the context provided by Gin Foundry in relation to changes vs. previous years of the survey, including trends and additional insight.

For the full results including commentary and link to Ginfographic 17/18 – click here on this link.


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