The idea behind Garden Shed Gin evolved when a group of friends were sitting around the dinner table in Glasgow discussing a recent visit to a local distillery. After a few drinks the idea was born….to create a gin from the shed, inspired by botanicals found on their doorstep, from the wild blackberries at the bottom of their garden to the dandelion they wanted to be rid of….and soon the Garden Shed Drinks Company became a reality…with a passion for gin and the environment in equal measure…

The team behind the Garden Shed Gin is pictured above and it is made up by Glasgow Warriors rugby players Ryan Grant and Ruaridh Jackson and their wives Maxine Grant and Kirstin Jackson (from left to right: Kirstin, Ruaridh, Ryan, Maxine).

Their vision is to give back to nature by supporting the environment and they are doing so by donating to charities such as Trees4Scotland and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. If you meet any of them, you will know that the passion for the environment is a genuine one and they want to produce gin in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

“That’s why we are donating to Trees4scotland and The Bumblebee conservation trust. We think it is important to be environmentally responsible.” Maxine Grant


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